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15 Helpful Tips in Travelling overseas

Written by: Iris

15 Helpful Tips in Travelling overseas post image

Here is a checklist if you are planning to travel overseas:

  1. Apply for a visa if applicable. Check the embassy of destined country.
  2. Make sure passport is valid for 6 months past the end of expiration.
  3. Secure photocopies of all travel documents. A copy left at home, a copy  kept in your carry-on bag, one in your luggage and one entrusted to a friend or relative in case the original copy is stolen or lost. Consider saving an electronic copy in your email account too. In any case, you are confident that you can still replace it and be assure you can still get back home.
  4. Know where to stay in destined country. Book ahead and print it out. Note this is one of your travel documents. Once booked, memorize the address and phone number. This information is useful if ever you lost your copy, it will be useful too in filling up forms or asked by the Immigration Officer during the Interview.
  5. Pack light so you can move around freely and avoid some incremental fees upon checking-in your baggage.
  6. Research what transportation to take. Example what mode of transportation from airport to accommodation area whether it's a train or taxi.
  7. Know the estimate fare charges of such transportation. You must have planned atleast two ways of transportation in reaching your accommodation so you have some alternatives or a back up plan.
  8. Get some free maps which is usually available at the airport.This will be useful in locating transportation area, streets, fastfood, tourist spots and many more. If map is not available, then ask someone at the Information Service Counter.
  9. Know the electrical supply voltage of your destined country. Example in U.S.A, it's 110 Volts while in Asian countries like the Philippines, it's 220 Volts. This is important too for you will be charging most of your gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, etc.
  10. Know the exchange rate. Carry some local money and some credit or debit cards.
  11. Secure travel and health insurance that is recognize by such country.
  12. Know where to buy prepaid sim for local calls and Internet access so that anytime if you need help, you can search it over Google and it can help you of some information you need. Check if there are any promo of their local mobile and Internet provider and learn how to avail such promo. If you don't prefer their local provider, register your mobile sim in a roaming setting before you travel.
  13. Research about the laws and custom of the country you are visiting so you will fully enjoy your trip without violation and culture shock.
  14. List all the tourist spots you are planning to visit.
  15. Always buy a simple souvenir, a memento of your visit.

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*Primary Image Source by Stuart Miles thru FreeDigitalPhotos.Net