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5 Brilliant Ways to Spend Your October Holiday

Written by: Iris

5 Brilliant Ways to Spend Your October Holiday post image

A slice of paradise here on Earth, Australia is truly blessed with numerous postcard-worthy destinations—both popular and secluded—that are bound to provide you with lots of delightful experiences! Watch the orange-coloured sky change its colours during the golden hour. Cruise along the sparkling sea and let the gentle coolness of the wind embrace you. Gaze upon Australia's natural landscapes. Meet the friendly animals at a local zoo. Discover Australia's rich and colourful history at the country's most esteemed museums. Enjoy sampling the most delectable Aussie treats that are sure to make your Australian holiday more memorable. Pick a tune, dance, and have fun at a music festival. Wow! Indeed, this country is wide-ranging and there is no doubt that the large array of wonderful experiences will give you plenty of emotions in one of our fun supported holidays in Australia.

Fuel your spirit and beat the feeling of stress! October is a very good month to come to Australia. The springtime's gentle weather makes the views more gorgeous, the blooming flowers more flawless, and traveling even more comfortable. So, now is the perfect time to pull off your dream Australian getaway that's sure to provide you with that hope-filled journey!

Whether you plan to explore the country during this month, which is considered to be one of the best months to visit the Land Down Under, or whether you desire to spend your supported holiday overseas, it's definitely more exciting and more unforgettable when you holiday with ClubMates Travel!

Here are the supported holidays in October that include countless exciting activities, organized with good quality care and utmost support, so that passengers can make the most out of their supported tours with us:

Bathurst 1000 - 2018

Feel the rush as you witness the racecar drivers in action off Bathurst's astounding views at the country's most legendary motorsports festival! Watch as the cars slip and spin around the tracks' most complex corners and experience the ultimately thrilling moment as your favourite driver wins the competition!

Discover the impressive collections of sports and touring cars, and other memorabilia that relate to the country's rich motor racing history at the National Motor Racing Museum. The race is indeed the highlight of this holiday, but you will also have the opportunity to explore Sydney's awe-inspiring views as you travel across the iconic Harbour Bridge.

Graceland and Hawaii

Set foot on two of the most sought-after destinations in the world! Tennessee and Hawaii will definitely give you the most remarkable international holiday! Not only will you be able to visit the home of the King of Rock 'n’ Roll, Elvis Presley, but you will also be treated as 'king' with an Elvis VIP Tour of Graceland. You can also hop aboard a private jet—truly, a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Get to see the Stax Museum, the Memphis Rock ‘n’ Roll Museum, as well as the sculptured mountains and the rest of what the vibrant city of Memphis has to offer. And... be mesmerized by the fascinating animals at Memphis Zoo.

Then, let Hawaii complete your breathtaking journey! Immerse yourself in the colourful Hawaiian culture with all the music, hula, and fire dancing. Let a Lomilomi massage, a traditional Hawaiian massage, soothe your tired body. Appreciate Hawaii's culture further with a visit to Pearl Harbour and seeing the Battleship of WWII. Reading about these places in books is truly informative, but it's definitely far better to set foot on these significant historical landmarks!

Launceston Show

Are you an animal-lover who also wants to add a touch of relaxation to your awesome time? Then, this supported holiday will allow you to meet Tamar Valley's rarest and most exotic native animals! Get to pat the baby animals, cuddle the furry buddies, enjoy the amusing dog shows, and join in the fun and games at the ‘Sideshow Alley’. Let Launceston Show wow you with all those fairy floss, corn dogs, and show bags!

After all the thrilling activities, prepare yourself for a delightfully laid-back time at the Ashgrove Cheese, Christmas Hill Raspberry Farm and Anvers Chocolates. Then, have a refreshing ride at the Scenic Chairlift across Cataract Gorge to see the glorious views and enjoy the morning tea with the lovely peacocks. With all the endless possibilities while tasting Launceston's local charm, this may just become your favourite!

West Coast Tasmania

You're gonna love this holiday's unique flavor! Celebrate Tasmania's natural beauty topped with all the exciting flare! Let your two nights on The Spirit of Tasmania restore your soul. Visit Tiagarra as you learn more about the history and culture of the Tasmanian Aboriginal people. Spend a captivating time at the enchanting Tasmazia mazes and model villages. Be blessed with the opportunity to see the magnificence of the World Heritage Wilderness on a Gordon River Lunch cruise. Then, have an exciting simulated experience as you captain a 1910’s steamer! And, your Tasmanian holiday won't be complete without seeing the world-famous Tasmania Devils at Devils@Cradle.

So, make sure to do something that will give you happiness and inspiration. Traveling will surely renew your tired spirit and motivate you. Let the beautiful memories from the ClubMates Travel's supported holidays in Australia keep you inspired, even after returning home. Who knows? This supported holiday might just be the holiday of a lifetime that you've been dreaming of all along!

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