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5 Holidays That Will Refresh Your Year

Written by: Iris

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Really, it’s pretty easy to just stay home, go on a TV marathon and spend hours binge-watching; play computer games, or simply get hooked liking those wonderful Facebook and Instagram posts on your feed. Not that there’s anything wrong with staying in the comforts of your home but it can absolutely give you an instant break; an opportunity to relax and unplug yourself immediately. However nothing beats the feeling of getting out of your house, catching some sun, travelling to places, making new discoveries, and creating new friendships. There's nothing quite like the joy and satisfaction that you get from traveling and taking one of the most desirable supported holidays!


Although enjoyment from imaginations can be both inspiring and educating, a secondhand-thrill will always remain ‘secondary’. The engagement and immersion that you get out of your travel experiences cannot be compared to anything else in the world. Traveling changes you, and you are bound to expand your horizons if you explore the beauty of the world around you—its vastness and diversity, and you can fully benefit from it if you are able to experience them firsthand.


Your initial step is to pick a destination and plan for your dream holiday. But if you do not want to feel overwhelmed and get stressed-out by all the tedious travel planning and organizing, it is therefore a great idea that you just sit back, relax and simply select one of the supported holidays offered by ClubMates Travel, which are specially chosen and delightfully perfected just for you!


Here are your five you-won’t-regret-it options and rewarding ways to marvel at Australia's finest attractions in the lovely months of October and November!


Watch Motor-Racing

Don't miss the electrifying Bathurst 1000 motor race at the Mount Panorama circuit! The incredible circuits and the extraordinary arrangement of the tracks make this event more stimulating, which means a more energised experience for you as you become a part of this not-to-be-missed motorsports event. Get some retail therapy after at the Merchandise Alley to purchase some racing-themed merchandise. Then let the large collection of the cars showcased at the National Motor Racing Museum, celebrating Australia's rich car and motorcycle racing history, fascinate you. This racing-centred tour will definitely give you the most thrilling holiday ever!



Meet the Animals

Your wildlife-themed Queensland holiday won't be complete without hugging a cuddly koala at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary! Being the first and the largest koala sanctuary in the world, this expansive animal haven is undeniably a must-see. Enjoy feeding the friendly kangaroos; then head to the Australia Zoo and witness the jaw-snapping and interesting world of crocodiles. Do all this and more as you are engulfed by the abundant nature and stunning scenery. Added to this holiday is some shopping at the Queen Street Mall, blended with some manicure and pedicure. Oh, and there's also an opportunity for you to relax on a river cruise. Be ready for these boundless adventures in Brisbane!



Sing Along

Savor this music-filled holiday in Victoria! But be also prepared to gladden your tummy by the mouth-watering dishes! Treat yourself into a pulsating jazz and blues music - as you sing, dance, eat… and repeat. What a wonderful life indeed! Then add a touch of thrill and mystery to your trip by visiting the grave of Dan ‘Mad Dog’ Morgan, the notorious bushranger who's also known as "the most bloodthirsty ruffian that overtook the bush in Australia". Chilling! Then dine at the hotel that Ned Kelly and his gang frequented back in the days. You will also revisit the olden days of Eldorado at the Eldorado Museum.


Stroll, Trek and Hike!

Go on an adventure in November, and enjoy this gripping supported holiday at the Wilson Prom! Home to Victoria's biggest coastal wilderness area, the Wilsons Promontory National Park provides a lot of opportunities to its visitors. Take a glimpse of the southernmost mangrove stands in the world and let your feet kiss the sand of the immaculate beach as you walk to the lime kilns. Enjoy an exciting bush-tucker, and also wander underground through an intriguing coal mine - just like in the movies! Afterwards, visit the shell museum to witness the awe-inspiring collection of over 6000 specimens. You deserve a life-changing and truly significant experience in one of Australia's most world-renowned peninsulas!


Go Sightseeing

Aim for this once-in-a-lifetime experience this November! New Zealand definitely has a lot to offer, and South Island will help you achieve a distinctive and incomparable kind of joy that cannot be found and felt anywhere else! This holiday is filled with plenty of activities and captivating sightseeing encounters that will make you speechless. See the famed landscapes and striking views, have fun riding on a steam train, experience gold panning, and dive into Wanaka's Wonderful World of Weirdness - The Puzzling World! The majestic mountain ranges, gorgeous canyons, sensational coastlines, and the most stunning and illustrious glaciers in the world are calling you!



There you have it. Now it’s about time to just get away from it all, and let your seven senses wallow in delight with these spellbinding supported holidays brought to you by ClubMates TravelBOOK NOW!



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