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5 Reasons to Celebrate Christmas in a Wintry July

Written by: Iris

5 Reasons to Celebrate Christmas in a Wintry July post image

Celebrating the usual Christmas festivity in December in the ever-exciting Australia offers everyone the best of both worlds. With how vibrant the seasons are in Australia, holidaymakers are bound to have an incredible experience of spending Christmas with their loved ones under the sultry Australian weather in the summer season where they could spend their yuletide days with plenty of activities that can be done outdoors. Indeed, spending Christmas in December evokes the usual yuletide ambiance where we can share with everyone from around the world. And having this holiday on a summery month makes the locals and tourists alike swoon over the Christmas celebrations in Australia, making it an unparalleled Christmas destination.


Unlike most countries in the world that celebrate Christmas through the winter season, most countries in the Southern Hemisphere happen to hold their Christmas celebrations under a sizzling weather, as the month of December in these places fall on a summer season. Their seasons are in reverse, compared to the Northern Hemisphere where December actually falls during the winter season. The winter in Southern Hemisphere in the countries like Australia, New Zealand, Bolivia, Argentina, Angola, Chile, Papua New Guinea, French Polynesia and South Africa fall on the months of June, July and August. In order for them to fully experience the wintery vibe of Christmas, they also hold Christmas celebrations in the month of July. Isn't it lovely to revel in a Christmas in July for the second time around, in an ice-kissed month where winter is at its peak?


We all know how busy and chaotic the Christmas rush is during December. Most of the time, we get exhausted from all the preparations - gift shopping, decorating and Christmas parties prior to the celebration, and not really getting tired from the actual observance itself. Celebrating Christmas in July gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy Christmas in the glistening winter season - sans the stress and commotion. See for yourself how you are able to genuinely celebrate this most awaited holiday on a scintillating month, while exploring the heaps of other exciting things and simply being able to relax within Australia’s beauteous surroundings.


While spending Christmas on a summery December is massively fun, it's also a wonderful idea to celebrate Christmas for the second time around during winter, where you could taste the uplifting yuletide feel brought about by the unperturbed wintry breeze. Here are 5 reasons why you should definitely spend a Christmas in a frosty July:


Image Source: bohed / 46 images via Pixabay under the CC0 Public Domain. 


Perfect yuletide Christmastide weather

You can comfortably explore the local tourist attractions with the pleasant, cool weather. Go shopping for Christmas presents and explore the Ballarat Bird World with the nice temperature and invitingly chilly atmosphere.



Image Source: stevepb / 364 images via Pixabay under the CC0 Public Domain. 


Less crowded than December

Spending Christmas on a less busy time doesn't mean that the fun is also limited either. You can actually indulge on it more without all the hustle and bustle, and with less congested streets, therefore maximising your overall yuletide experience.



Image Source: Pezibear / 5186 images via Pixabay under the CC0 Public Domain. 


Relive the warmth of the Christmas spirit

Have you missed the actual Christmas celebration last December? Don't worry! Experience the yuletide season one more time in the glowing month of July! If you happen to miss last year's Christmas celebration, perhaps due to work or some other commitments, then relishing it once again is definitely possible. You and your family will get to have another opportunityto  have some unforgettable bonding moment, with all those merrymaking during winter time!



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A Christmas celebration topped with all other activities

Let your Christmas celebration be the focal point of all other activities ranging from wildlife exploration at the wildlife Park, bird watching at the charismatic Ballarat Bird World, exploration the Eureka Stockade Exhibition, pampering and relaxation at the tranquil thermal pools, satiating your sweet tooth with chocolate tasting, retail therapy for Christmas gifts and souvenirs at Mill Markets at Hepburn, and so much more!



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The ideal time to take a breather in the middle of the year

Christmas evokes a universal feeling of happiness. It is the moment where we can all bond with our loved ones and a time that we could cherish with those who are dear to our hearts. If you're feeling blue or getting super stressed out either by the demands from work or from some other personal struggles during the first half of the year, having a second Christmas in wintertime is an incredible reward to yourself. The experience will surely re-energize you so you could be motivated and feel inspired in facing the rest of the year on a more positive vibe!


Get to taste a fabulousChristmas in July in Australia like no other! Dress up and wait for Santa, party the night away as you enjoy an electrifying evening of dazzling lights and lively action at “Blood on the Southern Cross”. At daytime, explore the magnificent views of the sculpted mountains topped with the wistful snow that glistens while the glares of sunshine touch its dreamy surface. The Xmas in July (*Sorry, we have already enjoyed this holiday, but you can find more fun filled holidays here!) holiday will surely endow you with a memorable, jam-packed adventure that weds a yuletide wintry vibe.



Primary Photo Source : 12019 / 10266 images via Pixabay Creative Commons CC0