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Fully-Loaded Magic : Phillip Island

Written by: Iris

Fully-Loaded Magic : Phillip Island  post image

Grand prix circuit racing. Ticked.

Visit a car museum. Ticked.

See Australia's amazing wildlife. Ticked.

Get a unique holiday park experience. Ticked. 

What a fully-loaded bucket list you've got in there! Well, if you're in for one, then might as well tick Phillip Island on your holiday wish list! Exploring Phillip Island will satisfy your craving for both an energizing and rejuvenating trip you truly deserve!

Phillip Island is famous for the Grand Prix Circuit. Locals regularly visit this incredible place to race on its awesome tracks. Travelers who want to experience the Grand Prix for more heart-stopping adventure can choose to go on a hot lap.

After that astonishing ride, why not drop by a car museum that showcases a timeline of different types of vehicles from horse-drawn carriages down to the most contemporary racing cars - all in a rotating display! Indeed, the Gippsland Vehicle Collection Museum is ultimate!

Enjoy a holiday park like no other! Take your amusement park escapade to the next level at  Amaze 'N Things. While there's nothing wrong spending your afternoon amid the timelessly exciting old school parks, why not incorporate Science and mystery to your list? The moment you step into one of Amaze ‘N Things’ illusion rooms, you'll find yourself asking for a more unique experience as you discover the scientific explanation to the different mind-boggling tricks these rooms have in store. If you're the laid-back type, you could show your ala Tiger Woods swings at the park's mini-golf or just have a bonding moment with your friends completing the Puzzle Island Puzzle. Truly, Amaze 'N Things is not just amazing- it's mind-blowing!

After all the exhilarating activities you've come to take pleasure in remarkably, go ahead and relax while falling in love with Phillip Island's world-famous Little Penguins and fur seals. See the Little Penguins prancing around the area. Appreciate their cuteness more as you discover why they make the said journey everyday while the sun sets! With the mustard-coloured sky and the glittery waters around these adorable penguins, the Penguin Parade is absolutely Instagram-worthy! 

Can't get enough of your adoration for the charming seals? Young and old will surely be fascinated by the place which houses Australia's biggest colony of fur seals- The Seal Rocks. This is where you'd get awed by more than 10,000 seals frolicking and basking in the area, enjoying the freedom nature has granted them.

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*Primary Image Source by MartinStr thru Pixabay and can be reused under the CC BY license.