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It's Time to Get Out & Smell The Coffee

Written by: Iris

It's Time to Get Out & Smell The Coffee post image

For people with a disability there is often an extreme hesitation to take any form of International travel or going abroad to experience new things! OFTEN; they simply take for granted that a disability would be an obstacle in a completely foreign and unknown country. Talking to Peter at ClubMates Travel recently; he actually dispells this myth big-time and as he said ”In 2014 - Now more than ever before its more convenient and easier to travel”.

Thanks to primarily the contemporary and recent development of adapted aid-devices and their accessibility it has made it a great deal easier traveling, whether it be airports, aircraft, crossing-borders, accomodation, lodging and even the public facilites located in todays travel destinations. ClubMates Travel are the leaders in world-wide travel for people with any form of disability.

Today it is far more common than ever to see people with a disabilty enjoying the amazing experiences and destinations the world has to offer. Whether you are a first timer or maybe a regular traveller, Peter and his team will be more than happy to step you through the simple (3 Step) enquiry and information process. 

For more helpful information on how to travel safely and efficiently either nationally or internationally, please visit


*Primary Image Source: Barni1 thru Pixabay and can be reused under the CC BY license.