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Music and Traveling: Best of Both Worlds

Written by: Iris

Music and Traveling: Best of Both Worlds post image

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.", and so does traveling. Some prefer to be inspired by the former. Others love the latter and would just opt to wander. Evidently, both have clearly something in common. These two give us a form of relaxation. They soothe our souls. They touch our lives. What if you are able to get the two at the same time? Then you're getting the best of both worlds for sure!

Australia is not only known for its famous landmarks and rich wildlife. If you are wanting to dive into a pool of musical activities while embracing the charming appeal of its places then you've certainly come to the right place. Australia offers music lovers and travel-aficionados a yummy taste of musical festivals all year round.

Craving for country music? Be a part of the biggest musical festival in the Southern Hemisphere! Having a taste of the annual Tamworth Music Festival is like sipping that fine wine of pure country music. Being held in January, it's a sure way to increase our positive energies towards the remaining months of the year. If you've missed it, the Mildura Music Festival, which is a September musical event, will definitely give you the opportunity to see the world's top country artists perform.

Elvis fans, hear 'ye, hear 'ye! This December, rock and roll while having a great time at Parkes Elvis Festival. You'll be amazed by being surrounded by everything Elvis inspired!

For folk music lovers out there, the Port Fairy Folk Festival is a grand musical experience. Held in March, this event will undeniably satisfy your thirst for folk music.

So whatever time of the year it is, getting soothed by these great musical festivities and amazing places is easy. Allow ClubMates Travel to help you. Don’t forget to visit and ensure a seat for your loved ones!


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