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Peace on Earth? That's a Piece of Perth!

Written by: Iris

Peace on Earth? That's a Piece of Perth!   post image

Avid travelers often find that planning their next travel destination is a tricky business. With their super long bucket list, it's a bit challenging to narrow it down and pick their next best itinerary. Usually, when topics about traveling are being discussed, the words such as adventure, challenge, exploration and excitement come up. While there are many who indeed look forward to achieving these attributes in some of the popular places around the world, there are many who opt for a relaxing vacation. You will never go wrong in choosing a laid-back holiday.

If saying goodbye to stress means saying hello to Perth, then Perth it is!

Perth's untouched beauty will surely soothe every traveler's tired spirit. But don't get this place wrong-Perth bursts with tons of activities! Enjoy the city by boarding the City Sights tram tour. Have fun at the Casino, increase your gold bullion knowledge at Perth Mint, purchase something special at the Gold Shop, and even take pictures while ringing the 16th Century bells. For the chocolate lover in you, the Margaret River Chocolate factory is a must-see. Go shopping at one of the best markets in Fremantle and check out the Quokkas at the Rottnest Island.

The fine cheese and wine in the Swan Valley will enable you to get in touch with the traditional West Australia culture. Be prepared to reminisce your childhood memories in this astounding place.

Truly, boredom will never strike when you're in Perth. Getting a quick escape from the hustle-and-bustle of city life is easy as you visit this place. You will be guaranteed of having a taste of beauty found only in simplicity and the laid-back charm of Perth.

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*Primary Image Source by Argus398 thru Pixabay and can be reused under the CC BY license.