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Ready for Trams,Cars and Go Karts?

Written by: Iris

Ready for Trams,Cars and Go Karts? post image

I remember my Dad's sparkling eyes whenever he spots a fabulous-looking car on the street. On a couch at home, his eyes getting all dreamy by the dashing looks of the latest car models shown on TV. Deep breaths. moments of silence. The kind of captivation you just couldn't interrupt. Priceless. It just resembles being inspired by a breathtaking image of a picturesque scenery on a secluded island. Though the love for cars and the passion for traveling are different entities, the connection and the fascination towards them are always existent.      

Relatable? Are you thinking of an awesome birthday gift you could give to your beloved father who is a hardcore car fanatic? Having a hard time coming up with a present for your loved one who’s a certified automobile buff? Something that will not only impress but will also get them hooked and have a good time all at the same time? Well if you are one of those fellas who have already given your loved one an actual car as a gift, then surprising them with an unforgettable present called "experience" will surely last a lifetime. Have a special bonding time with them while getting wrapped up with a journey that will quench their thirst for the beauty of coupés.

ClubMates Travel offers the "Trams, Cars and Go Karts" itinerary. It is the best tour for travel and car aficionados. Depending on the state you're coming from, this experience will give you a 5 to 7 day auto-packed adventure. Get to feel like a racing sensation on a go kart track. Watch Calder Park Raceway's thrilling exhibitions.  Be amazed by the timeless beauty and style of the best Porsche, Bentley and Ferrari classic cars. Relax while riding comfortably on a tram while seeing the stunning scenery of Melbourne. Or just play at the casino and watch the gripping sporting events on a big screen at the entertainment complex.

Fulfill your loved one's inner wish of having joyful times with your company while getting amused by all the spectacular arrays of car, travel and entertainment activities. If you are a car addict yourself then you know what to do- hitting that Book Now button!

So car riders, classic car collectors, pimp-my-car addicts, kart enthusiasts or passenger-seat fans, whatever type of a carlover you are, count yourselves in!  Check out the "Trams, Cars and Go Karts" itinerary at ClubMates Travel and become a part of this exciting, week-long event in May.


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