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Rock Your Vacay at this Gem of a Place !

Written by: Iris

Rock Your Vacay at this Gem of a Place ! post image

So what does a getaway mean to you? Does it describe holidaying at a place you have never been to? Or is it a mere "getting away" from the bustle of your routine life? Certainly, if you're planning for your next trip,then make sure to step onto a new haven to try something special and exhilarating!


Speaking about experiencing something fresh and memorable, we are referring to visiting the amazing Kiriwina to witness the diverse tribal customs. Try lazing around while setting your eyes on the blue waters surrounding the Kitava Island. And if you're wanting to add some twist to your usual beach stay then why not try kayaking on its marvelous beaches? Interact with the friendly locals and take a few snapshots of their lovely big smiles. Immerse yourself in history at the Alotau or drop by the well-known skull caves. Have fun exploring the beauty of the world-famous  Doini Island. Prepare yourself to get mesmerized by the immaculate, turquoise-coloured waters. Finally, get to highlight your trip by witnessing the immense splendor of The Great Barrier Reef.


Ready to know what gem it is that could offer those sparkling moments to your life? 

It's Papua New Guinea!


Be taken to that astounding place in comfort and style aboard the luxurious Pacific Dawn cruise ship.

The beauty of Papua New Guinea will surely melt your heart.  It has been a long-term commitment of Clubmates Travel to guarantee each and every guest, of a fantastic vacation they're all dreaming of.  Best of all, they welcome guests who require specialist support with utmost respect and the highest regard to take them to their perfect getaway! Maximizing their cruise ship stay with  a 5-star treatment and helping every passenger make the most out of their escapades, ClubMates Travel is always there for you!


Papua New Guinea's exotic charm will surely rock your vacay away! Click here to book for this holiday!


*Primary Image Source: Fishing 2 by tarotastic thru Wikimedia Commons and can be reused under the CC BY license.