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A Mid-Year Enchantment

Written by: Iris

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Go on a mid-year travel delight that's filled with fun, excitement and adventure with ClubMates Travel! July is the perfect time to explore the refreshing attractions with the supported holidays to NSW, a memorable journey around the beauty of Victoria, and also an excellent month to discover Queensland's most attractive destinations!

Enjoy the cool weather at NSW and Victoria in July, and get to experience a mildly sizzling holiday in Queensland during this time. There are numerous lovely locations that you are about to witness, while being embraced by the refreshing weather or allowing the summery climate cuddle you!

Clubmates Travel has fondly assembled these amazing July holidays that are packed with a wide range of activities and brilliant escapes which are bound to leave you with everlasting July memories, leaving you speechless but still be captivating after many years.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Hot Springs, Opals and Zoo

*Sorry, we have already enjoyed this holiday, but you can find more fun filled holidays here!

Combining fast-paced activities with relaxing sceneries your trip to New South Wales truly a holiday like no other. NSW takes pride in its exquisite travel destinations that provide an exciting experience, yet still puts its visitors in awe with what it can offer. You could visit the Dubbo Zoo and enjoy the delightful wildlife encounters before you explore the Old Dubbo Gaol and explore its historical artifacts. Let one of Moree's most mesmerising hot springs soothe you into a calming swim. Then relax as you experience the beauty of astronomy with a trip to The Dish. All these and more with NSW's exceptionally stunning views.

red majestic sunset

Christmas in July

*Sorry, we have already enjoyed this holiday, but you can find more fun filled holidays here!

With the varied activities that await you in Victoria, you will take advantage of a holiday that involves culture and arts, wildlife, history, thermal pool swimming, sightseeing, and so much more with Christmas as its main theme! Walk along the paths outlined by fresh greenery, enjoy the fruity scents and listen to the birds' tender melodic chants as you tour around the captivating botanical gardens. Where else could you possibly achieve a memorable Christmas getaway in July that is showered with plenty of exciting things to do and see? Only in Victoria!

view of city by waters

Spirit of the Outback

*Sorry, we have already enjoyed this holiday, but you can find more fun filled holidays here!

Have a spirited and lively break on the Spirit of the Outback holiday! Witness Queensland's glowing and appealing attractions while carrying out the thrilling activities as you set your eyes on Queensland's spectaular sceneries! The 'Spirit of the Outback' train will give you that sentimental feeling as you go on a sightseeing adventure. Visit the impressive museums and travel back in time as you ride on a stagecoach. The decorative blend of spirited explorations and experiences are just about right!

Going on a supported holiday in a location with picture-perfect landscapes is amazingly beneficial. It is a great opportunity to try new experiences, learn fresh ideas, discover more about yourself, and re-energises you to boost your productivity. The inspiring ideas and activities may motivate you to continue appreciating them even when you are already back home. If you enjoyed arts, wildlife, healthful cuisines and physical activities while on your supported holiday, chances are you might find it pleasing to continue including them into your daily routine to keep you healthy and inspired.

So what are you waiting for? Put some adventure in your life with the ultimate supported holidays to NSW, Victoria or Queensland, transforming you into a more optimistic, enthusiastic and healthier person! You absolutely deserve a mid-year break that merges adventure and relaxation, alongside beautiful weather. Let ClubMates Travel take you to a wonderful and rejuvenating holiday!

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