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A Tempting Fishing Escapade

Written by: Iris

A Tempting Fishing Escapade post image

The distinctive appeal of the  "Fishing the Farms" holiday package, which is tailor-made and organized to perfection by the leading tour operator for supported holidays ClubMates Travel, will surely provide you with the satisfaction from the plenitude of activities that are bound to refresh, educate and energize you and your family. If it is the value of money and an action-packed holiday that you are looking for, allowing yourself and your loved ones to be exposed to so many learning experiences and feats, hopping from one adventure to another exciting escapade, then the Fishing the Farms tour is just the perfect holiday set to transform your September in a one helluva month!


Brace yourself for the "Fishing the Farms" package as it bursts with so many experiences that you and your family are guaranteed to enjoy. As the holiday name goes, fishing is the highlight of this travel itinerary, but the diversity of the zestful tours that make up this getaway really make this awe-inspiring holiday extra special.


Image Source: Cardinia Reservoir aerial.jpg by Graeme Bartlett via Wikimedia Commons  under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International3.0 Unported2.5 Generic2.0 Generic and 1.0 Generic license.


Sit on the banks of Cardinia Reservoir and bag the catch of the day.  - Enjoy Australia's native Flora and Fauna, savoring the scent and crispness of the trees and greenery around you, while you and your loved ones go on a picnic at the gorgeous picnic areas - Henley's, Kangaroo Flat or at the Crystal Brook, all of which offers a good vantage point in witnessing the breathtaking allure of nature itself.




Image Source: 502artistb via Morguefile

Show your fishing skills, express your patience and determination in catching a trout or Salmon, feel accomplished while taking pictures of the fish you've just caught - all while having fun in one of Australia's top fishing spots - Buxton!  Be blown away by the gorgeous landscapes and head-turning views that await you and your family in this engaging, and close to addictive activity that may just become one of your most memorable fishing trips ever!



Image Source:  Stuart Miles via FreeDigitalPhotos

Improve your health while having a holiday like no other! Strengthen your heart, enhance your blood circulation, burn calories and reduce stress playing golf! Whether you are an avid golf player, an amateur, or someone who's a first timer in this sport, you'll definitely enjoy playing this leisure sport and won't even notice that you're having a good exercise for your mind and body at the same time! 


After an energizing day of fishing and golfing,  you are now all set for a rewarding dinner at Buxton. Experience the golden hour, while seated in front of the dramatic views, savoring the aroma coming from an irresistible plate of smoked salmon. The other well-prepared offerings which will surely captivate your palates with the wide choices of fresh, all-natural and totally mouthwatering treats! Dig in for some Mountain ash smoked trout, revel in the popularly tasty Buxton Burger and delight in the other ambrosial trout and salmon dishes that will surely make your tummy super happy!


Image Source:  photostock via FreeDigitalPhotos

Take pictures while having the visually-arresting views of one of Victoria's highest waterfalls become your photo backdrop. Be rejuvenated by the splashes of water going down, and listen to the subtle roar of the water gently crumbling, with the strong current making cloud-like ripples. The energising sound and views of the water will tickle your senses, providing you with a stimulating experience like no other.



Are you ready to be bold? Climb aboard the Puffing Billy, Australia's most adored, steam train! Being one of the country's premier, and well-preserved steam railway, you're in for a one-of-a-kind steam train journey, traveling through the lushness of the forests, and fancying the freshness of nature. If you are fearless, sway your legs over the steam train sides for an added adrenaline pump!


Explore the endless possibilities in this one-of-a-kind, jam-packed adventure! Enjoy this escape to the opulent Australian wildlife and let the vibrancy of these compelling activities captivate you, while setting foot on the dreamy attractions set to melt your heart, making your dream holiday come true.


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