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Disability Travel: Things To Do

Written by: Iris

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The quality of your travel depends on the way you have planned for it. Sure there are those spur-of-the-moment trips that turn out perfectly fine, but if you want to guarantee or at least increase the chances of having an absolutely successful holiday, then preparation is the key to it. Most travellers do want to achieve more out of their time off. It is not simply visiting a place, taking pictures as mementos, and capturing the moment. A meaningful travel is being able to enjoy, learning, taking a breather, and finding inspiration from the experience itself. And for one to fully maximise their time, careful planning is absolutely essential.


Preparing for an escape—be it locally or to an international destination—doesn't need to be overwhelming. To achieve this, giving plenty of time for the necessary preparations before your desired travel date is ideal. It is recommended to book six to nine months before you travel, so as to equip yourself with all important arrangements for your holiday. Researching about your destinations and checking the weather forecasts are just a few suggestions in making your trip more seamless. Although traveling independently is fun, booking your trip with the use of a travel company catering to holidaymakers with a disability will also ensure that your getaway will be as stress-free as possible.


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Here are just some useful tips for travellers with a disability:


Specify Your Requirements

If you are using a tour operator, specify your limitations and conditions to your travel agent as "clearly and comprehensively" as possible so that they could take note of it and ensure your requirements and needs are met. Advise them if you require wheelchair assistance when flying. Most airlines in Australia have accessible facilities to address the needs of travellers with a disability. Services such as providing preferential aircraft boarding, wheelchair, guide dogs, oxygen, among others make transportation and the overall trip easier for those who are traveling with a disability. If you are traveling independently, make sure to inform the airport personnel or flight crew of your needs and if you have mobility aids. When using a tour operator specialising in supported travel, things such as these will already be addressed and taken care of.



Packing Light

This will make things much easier for you, especially if you are traveling on your own. If you are going for a supported holiday in Australia, transportation is straightforward as there are wheelchair-accessible taxis and accessible trains that are available. Thanks to the regulations set by the Australian Accessible Transport Standards, public transport has made even more accessible.



Get a Travel Insurance

Make sure that you have travel insurance whether traveling locally or overseas. A travel insurance protects you from different unforeseen events such as hospitalization, medical treatment, dental emergencies, delayed or cancelled flights, emergency accommodations, and reimbursement of the cost of the valuable things that you may lose during your trip. Here are the 10 Potential Benefits of Having Travel Insurance.



Medications and Doctor’s Information

If you require medication during your supported holiday, make sure to pack enough and take an adequate dosage with you. Also include your doctor's prescription and contact information handy. Tour operators specialising in disability travel such as ClubMates Travel will be happy to provide assistance. Our support crew are all experienced and trained to administer and manage medications during your holiday so be sure to make them aware of your needs.



Traveling with Assistance Animals

Planning for a trip overseas with a service dog or an assistance animal? Make sure that you contact the airline's rules and policies regarding traveling with assistance animals. Documents such as proof of your guide dog’s vaccinations, training certificates, etc. are a standard requirement. By being informed of your carrier's rules and special procedures, you can achieve an adequate level of safety and comfort for you and the other travellers, while traveling with your furry buddy.



Utilise the NDIS Funding

If you're traveling from Australia and want to utilise and enjoy the NDIS funding, make sure that you choose a travel company that is an NDIS provider. ClubMates Travel is a registered NDIS provider and can help you organise and book for the assisted holiday that you've been dreaming of with the use of the NDIS. Learn more about the NDIS' funding criteria here: Are Holidays Funded by the NDIS?



Disability Parking Permit

For those who are on an unassisted travel within Australia, the Australian parking permit is a huge help in making disability parking more convenient. A valid Australian Disability Parking Permit is recognised in all states so make sure to keep a few copies of it. If you are traveling overseas, check beforehand if you can possibly use your Australian Disability Parking Permit on your destination. This means checking with the local government of your destination about their parking regulations and further information.



Travel Checklist

Given the recommended timeframe in planning for your supported holiday, make sure to bring enough spending money for your trip. Holiday packages usually include the fare, meals, accommodation, activities, support crew and other staff, and bringing an adequate amount of spending money is suggested. Do not forget to bring enough clothing, medication (if there's any), mobility aids, electronic devices, passports and visas, comfortable clothing and footwear, and other personal items that you would like to have during your trip. Also check and confirm all arrangements with your travel agent before your departure. Bringing a medical certificate or a documentation stating your medical condition is also useful. A travel checklist is also essential.


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Air Travel with Wheelchair

If you are a wheelchair-user, make sure to remove all the important items and all the other things from your wheelchair that may possibly get lost during the transit or storage. Try to give extra time when traveling to give allowance to certain unforeseen events and so as you don't get rushed and stressed during the transportation. Check out this guide: Traveling on an Airplane with a Wheelchair Guide


Using a Tour Operator Specialising in Supported Disability Holidays

Use a tour operator or a travel agent specializing in tailor-made holidays with specialized support. These travel companies are backed with the experience and training needed in assessing the needs and wants of the passengers, craft the best holidays with wheelchair-friendly and accessible destinations, and involve disability-friendly activities and experiences. ClubMates Travel is the leading supported travel booking company operating for more than 30 years. With a strong background in accommodating travellers with a disability, ClubMates Travel can help you or your loved one fulfil the most hassle-free preparation for their trip of a lifetime.


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Now more than ever, disability travel has made easier and much more convenient. If you are planning to enjoy a fun supported holiday in a stress-free way, then you've come to the right place! ClubMates Travel offers a wide array of supported tours that involve lots of exciting experiences. A medley of amazing activities is in store for you, sans the hassle and inconvenience. Whether you are planning for your first ever international supported holiday, or you are an experienced traveler looking to spend your next adventure in an accessible trip, ClubMates Travel is here to help you achieve your dream getaway!


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