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Dwell for the Moment in a Magical Reverie

Written by: Iris

Dwell for the Moment in a Magical Reverie post image

Taking the magical flight of imagination. Living in an enchanting spell. A juxtaposition of fantasy and reality. Truly stepping onto a theme park's dreamlike grounds can be an elating experience- what more if we're talking about a trip to three? Yes three of Australia’s most spectacular and marvelous amusement parks. The finest trio. The stupendous three. A threefold of excitement. Just think about how your delight gets amplified thrice over and how your happiness is tripled.  Definitely thrice the fun and no matter how superfluous it may sound when we speak about pleasure and indulgence asking for more is acceptable. That's why a week-long theme park escapade with a relaxing side-trip to a breathtaking shore and a wonderful stop on the world’s most photographed landmark defines a beautifully balanced trip. Bracingly divine.





The plenitude of attractions enveloped by the astounding edifices of Dreamworld makes it a legendary place for a regular or supported holiday. From a laidback experience at the Dreamworld cinema to a stupefying Screamworld ride everything will definitely put you in a dreamlike state while wide awake!





The epic movie-inspired rides groovy stunt shows and the compelling street parade are just some of the entertainment extravaganza that you’ll splurge on at Movie World. The gastronomic treats shouldn’t be missed!





The Sea World will surely satisfy the animal-lover and water-enthusiast in you! You’ll learn more about the aquatic life and be able to interact with the cuddly marine animals. Take a dip in the Sea World swimming pool and bask with the vivacious vibe around. To up your excitement you may opt to swim with the dolphins. And if you’re in to take it to the next level then swimming in the sharks’ tank will ultimately serve as the focal point of your Sea World jaunt.






These award-winning theme parks in Australia are already a delicious itinerary worth craving for but seeing the unadulterated beauty of the beachside city Coffs Harbour as well as crossing along the magnificence of the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House are just a few of those  pleasant tings that will definitely add some flavor to your theme park package.







The diversity and multiplicity of the personal benefits that await you in planning for a trip to a theme park cannot be ignored. As the structures and attractions in the amusement parks develop you won’t avoid facing these technology first hand and the knowledge you've gained from this is a great exposure for you in learning. A huge chunk of your experience can be a thrilling adventure. A death-defying ride could provide you a reinvigorated feeling. Braving a new mind-blowing attraction could give you a newfound confidence that's for sure. But aside from the number of ways on how these undertakings boost your self-esteem it is also a chance for you to exercise thus improving your fitness. You may not notice the hours that have passed walking (and sweating!) while exploring the theme park without even realizing how many calories you have lost and how toned your muscles have become. Being aware on how to care for the environment by simply not throwing litters as you go around and following safety procedures also increase your community awareness. From speaking to the park staff when they assist you in buckling up your seatbelt for a heart-pumping ride to interacting with the other equally-excited visitors this opportunity definitely enhances your social skills too. It is also a great time for a powerful bonding moment for you and your family where you create cherish-worthy memories. The fresh air and the soothing view of the trees also make your trip to a theme park a relaxing endeavor allowing you to give in to an exploit for escape where you forget all the worries from schoolwork or workplace deadlines and just concentrate on the phenomenal bliss for the heart of excitement - you!

An epic midyear fun galore is an excellent reward for yourself and your loved ones! Not only does it serve as a “job well done” gift for the efforts you’ve put into the first half of the year but it is also a motivating activity to inspire you for the remaining months of the year.  You'll never know where the positive vibes brought about by this trip will take you! Book now with the best tour operator for supported holidays ClubMates Travel.


Primary Image Source: Sydney Harbour Bridge from Circular Quay by JJ Harrison thru Wikimedia Commons and can be reused under the CC BY license.