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European Yuletide Fetes: Exquisite and Romantic

Written by: Iris

European Yuletide Fetes: Exquisite and Romantic post image

Undoubtedly, the fact that everyone has "Europe" waiting to be ticked on their bucket lists is not an exaggeration. The inimitable attractions of London. The iconic Edinburgh structures. The marvelous Eiffel Tower.  The list could go on and on. But have you ever thought about celebrating the yuletide season while watching a traditional Christmas pantomime in London? How about having a champagne toast in one of the world’s most beautiful cities- Edinburgh? Or taking pleasure in a romantic boat ride in Paris? If you are making that happen, then what are you waiting for? Get ready to sing "Tis the season to be jolly." out loud! Whether you are leaning towards a supported holiday for people with a disability or not, putting together a Christmas celebration slash vacation, and a stimulating cultural experience may be challenging but incredibly rewarding.

Celebrating Christmas in Europe is definitely a travel experience like no other. It's true, every travel destination is distinct and special, but being able to visit several countries on a Christmas getaway is a one-of-a-kind experience that will let you and your family have a fabulous time enjoying the lavishly Christmas decorated sights, as well as to envelope yourselves in the fusion of cultures where you will be delighted   in discovering European arts, architecture and history.


Though it’s happening in a couple of months, making a worthwhile decision of having a joyous European yuletide is never too late! Not yet convinced?

Read on…



London, England

Aside from the Christmas trees of Covent Garden in London and the impressively dazzling decors in Leicester Square and Oxford Street that will make you wistful of your December childhood memories, as well as astound you with the copious and grandiose expression of Christmas everywhere, you will never get tired of being mesmerized over and over again by the rich history and traditions of England. A sightseeing bus tour is a chance for you to be captivated by the hypnotic charm of England’s capital city. A visit to see the celebrity waxworks at Madame Tussauds is an enjoyable trip that will harmonize your cultural experience in visiting The Houses of Parliament and walking around the gates of Buckingham Palace.



Edinburgh, Scotland

Your 2-week Christmas holiday won’t be complete without witnessing the iconic Edinburgh Castle and by knowing the country’s attention-grabbing history. Take photos of the tremendous architecture this country is known for, while having a remarkably relaxing experience in Edinburgh, Scotland.



Brussels, Belgium

If you’re a certified chocoholic, then being able to step onto the “Chocolate Capital of the World” is truly a dream come true. Dropping by the confectionary shops and the Chocolate Museum in Brussels, while sampling the divine Belgian chocolates will make you realize what chocolate paradise is. Aside from getting your taste buds tickled, spending Christmas in the famous winter destination, Bruge, will become a fulfilling part of your European holiday. There you will travel through a wonderland on a horse-drawn carriage, seeing the Church of Our Lady, visiting the traditional markets, and just getting awestruck by the city’s medieval appeal. You’d also get a chance to go on shopping through the Christmas Markets, before visiting (and getting astounded!) by the World Heritage listed Grand Palace and the Belgium Center for Comic Strip Art.



Paris, France

Do endings always have to be the saddest part? Not really when you finish off your European holiday in Paris! Dropping by the world’s most popular art gallery, The Louvre, and climbing the Eiffel Tower will become the highlights of your luxurious Parisian trip. While on a boat tour along the romantic River Seine, you will not only fall in love with the richness of the Parisian culture and arts, but how this city evokes so much amorous and quixotic appeal that undeniably made it legendary.


Spending your Christmas in Europe isn't only about reveling in scrumptious local dishes, taking pictures of the world's most famous attractions,  retail therapy and embracing all the yuletide vibe that's peppered all over London. It entails gaining a deeper understanding of the countries' varying cultures and to fully appreciate their distinct features that make Europe truly a league of its own.


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*Primary Image Source:Dar1930 / 11 images via Pixabay under the Creative Common CC0 license