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Extraordinary Ways to Spend Your NYE

Written by: Iris

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The Christmas season and New Year's Eve bring the most awaited times which can be spent by the family members, friends and other individuals for bonding moments and meaningful experiences that help them improve their capabilities, character and values, all while keeping them motivated.


ClubMates Travel has lovingly crafted these two supported holidays in December that promise extraordinary activities that are filled with fun and inspirational experiences, as you welcome the New Year in Australia’s most captivating destinations! 


Spectacular Gold Cost

*Sorry, we have already enjoyed this holiday, but you can find more fun filled holidays here!


Taking the thrilling rides, meeting your favorite movie characters and watching the attractive parades at Movie World gives a sense of pride in being able to try a new activity. It also provides the greatest entertainment that you do not usually encounter on a regular day!


The Glow Worm Cave exhibits the enchanting Glow World Alley that displays thousands of glowing and dazzling Glow Worms in a purpose-built habitat, showing their distinct characteristics which are not often seen in ordinary settings. Watching the magical glow of worms and seemingly looking at them like a blanket of stars twinkling up in the sky is simply mesmerizing and you will not help but think of the wonders they bring to the humans!


A visit to the zoo, especially at a heritage-listed zoological garden just like the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, never fails to bring excitement to both children and adults. Witnessing the animals help the visitors realize that animals have the same needs with those of the human beings and taking good care of them will help them live longer. The caring insights learned will help them understand animals more, and learning their behaviors allows them to be more loving and kinder to these creatures.


The time spent at The Australian Outback Spectacular is a thrilling experience that ultimately provides fascinating activities for participants of all ages. The learning insights from the musical experiences, entertainment options, and stimulating excursions promote creativity and decision-making; and the real life conditions and experiences provide challenges that help improve one's problem-solving skills, as they celebrate in the raw beauty and worthwhile charm of nature. 


Overlooking the stunning views at QDeck provides an amazing sight across Gold Coast, which evokes a sense of thankfulness and appreciation. It is no wonder why many people enjoy such heights including dining at a rooftop bar or simply sightseeing on top of a world-renowned structure. The moment when one reaches the top gives the feeling of serenity, and that of being at peace with oneself; or basking in the splendor of the environment as they are being enveloped with the beautiful sights.

Woodwork Folk Festival

*Sorry, we have already enjoyed this holiday, but you can find more fun filled holidays here!


December is a very good time to rejoice, and attending the Woodford Folk Festival is a good way to spend the end of the year and celebrate a new, fresh beginning with our families and friends, filled with melodies and songs. Having fun with our loved ones while savoring the rhythm of music lift up the spirits and gives the participants the motivation to face the harships of life. Indeed, the love for music is more memorable when it is enjoyed with the people close to our hearts!


Families, friends, and groups of people find watching a circus performance a very good activity to bond, to take pleasure in the show, and just learn the importance of adaptability, initiative, sense of responsibility and a great amount of flexibility to succeed in one's chosen ambitions. Education is a lifelong process, and for some reasons, many important life skills are better learned from the out-of-the-box learning experiences. A circus is a unique experience to see and each act leaves the audience breathless and totally captured by the death-defying acts and stunts. One comes out of the show renewed, with new self-discoveries and newfound knowledge which may help seal a long-time dream or perhaps keep one to be more persevering and more eager to practise self-discipline. 

Handfeeding the animals is an opportunity that gives pure joy because the interaction with these creatures provides a genuinely exciting and memorable experience. At the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, those who have enjoyed handfeeding the animals or cuddling a cute koala bear are able to overcome the fear that the animal may have a violent behavior when handfed by a stranger. Some people refuse to handfeed an animal even if the zookeeper gives the assurance that the animal is used to handfeeding simply because they do not want to take chances. Taking chances is equal to taking risks. When a person gambles on the chance between success and failure — and finds later that it was alright to take risks — he realizes that in this life, to achieve success, one has to face fears and learn to accept limitations. It's inspiring to know that we can learn so many virtues while having fun on a simple trip to the zoo!


Cruising on Birbie Island as a special New Year celebration for the family is definitely a great bonding experience for the family members. The appetizing food, fine accommodations, topnotch amenities and engaging activities onboard a cruise ship and the services it offers provide an exceptional NYE celebration. While cruising, the passengers will have the chance to nurture their sense of curiosity on how people can have immense pleasure aboard a ship. Both children and adults can have fun in a multitude of activities or can simply gain new realizations as they watch the crashes of the waves. Man's infinite curiosity, creativity, and innovative ideas have made possible the unique experience and satisfaction that can only be found on a cruising holiday.  

Everyone has been searching for a meaningful experience. The need to see things through the holidays and activities shared with loved ones help every individual in their quest for happiness. A supported holiday can help an individual become a well-rounded person through many experiences. Different values learned from each and every encounter with the world around us enhances our character that can be developed further through the above activities during one's lifetime. 


So go ahead and let ClubMates Travel take you on a meaningful and fun journey!




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