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Fun and Dreamy Holidays in May

Written by: Iris

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This year, be prepared to smell the aroma of the sea, to enjoy the crisp scent of the trees, and to let the cool kisses of the wind stroke your cheeks. Gather priceless memories as you realise what peace and bliss is all about. Go on a fantastic adventure that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired! ClubMates Travel has carefully planned the irresistible supported holidays this year that will allow you to get away from the stresses of daily life, to make feel refreshed, and to let you witness the striking beauty and wonders of the world!


Relieve yourself from all the hustle and bustle of the first half of the year. Explore the splendour of Australia in a deeper way by transversing through its exciting destinations. Discover the world-renowned international attractions too. Aside from the sightseeing and all those visually pleasing encounters, you can also enjoy plenty of activities that are filled with sports, wildlife, and indulging yourself in amazing food-related experiences!


Seattle Space Needle

Seattle to Vancouver

Be treated like a king in the journey from Seattle to Vancouver. Discover the top places to visit and many exciting activities to do as you explore the cities. Witness Seattle's best attractions as you sit comfortably touring around this romantic city while being driven around. Go to the Space Needle Observation Deck and appreciate the magnificence of Seattle even more by seeing its wondrous views. Have fun with some amazing wildlife experience as you see the bears, warthogs, and more fascinating animals at the Woodland Park Zoo. Then have a majestic cruising moment with a magical encounter as you become deeply in awe of the transition from salt to fresh water, while you are raised and lowered at the Chittenden Lock on a cruise!


Afterwards enjoy an uplifting train journey from Seattle to Vancouver as you take a glimpse of the sensational sceneries! See the blossoming charm of Stanley Park and the remarkable Totem Poles, and get to see the killer whales and humpback whales on a breathtaking cruise. Allow your Seattle and Vancouver memories to be a sweet addition to your treasured milestones!


Riverbank nightlife

Melbourne AFL Experience

Experience a variety of reactions as you go on a thrilling holiday that is brimming with lots of games and sightseeing! The AFL games & stadiums is a distinctive holiday that will bring you so many cheerful recollections. The exciting AFL footy games provide heart-pumping experiences that will surely leave you with lasting memories! Cheer on your favourite team and immerse yourself the game, as you proceed to the awe-inspiring "Behind the Scenes" tour of the Etihad Stadium and MCG, before savouring the dramatic views and atmosphere of the iconic footy grounds.


Have a divine lunch at the Essendon's Windy Hill, while you are being wrapped with the comforting sights! After that, brace yourself for another stimulating footy game. Then end your holiday in the most sparkling way as you climb the Eureka Tower and witness the exquisite sights of Melbourne, with the 360-degree views!


woman enjoying massage


Melbourne Adventures

Perfect for the pleasure-seeking holidaymakers, the Penguins and Pampering tour promises a truly flawless getaway. Improve your mid-year adventure by indulging in a pampering-filled journey like no other! Soothe your senses as you walk through the fragrant cottage gardens on Churchill Island and become totally absorbed with the captivating, calming views! Enjoy your Phillip Island cruise as you watch the friendly seals and learn the interesting history of the island. Then, be prepared to envelope yourself in superb indulgence with a relaxing manicure and a totally invigorating massage!

Treat your taste buds to delicious chocolates! Those who are in love with chocolates can enjoy them over a mini-waterfall! Blend some wildlife and nature activities to your laidback holiday with a time to feed the kangaroos and pat a koala at the popular Maru Koala and Animal Park. Make your journey even more fulfilling with a day of fishing. Take a breather in this glorious retreat! 


These satisfying holidays guarantee varied activities and rich escapes that are bound to give you those delightful, cherish-worthy memories... sure to keep you pumped up and inspired!

See nature's finest works of art in these supported holidays. Travel with us NOW!



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