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Gear Up for Your April Travel Extravaganza

Written by: Iris

Gear Up for Your April Travel Extravaganza post image

Spend the fourth month of the year like no other! ClubMates Travel is happy to showcase not one, not two, but 6 (yes, 6!) fantastic tours for the month of April, that will immerse you in a unique Australian journey and take you to a memorable international escapade that will give you the opportunity to get the most out of your vacation, that's topped with excellent service, carefully crafted with a tasteful itinerary and speckled with a plethora of fun and thrill that will surely boost you up in becoming the best that you can be in the months ahead!


As the global leader of exciting Australian vacations and fully supported international holidays since 1988, ClubMates knows the diversity of inclination and the range of tastes of their travelers, thus the creation of these 6 gratifying travel itineraries, ready to soothe your senses and bring you closer to the beauty of the world's top Australian locations and highly popular international destinations. Be ready to make your dreams a reality-in the most straightforward manner!


Train to the ACT

*Sorry, we have already enjoyed this holiday, but you can find more fun filled holidays here!

For the train-traveling buff.



Train aficionados or not, this holiday will surely satiate your cravings for a historical and wildlife trip! Give in to the enticing views on your way to Canberra and enjoy your time getting exposed to the history of rails at the Rails Heritage Centre. Then allow the saccharine scent of the gusty air gently peck your cheeks as you take a wondrous train journey to the popular Bungendore over some iconic and historic bridges. Take photos of the widely popular Australian flora and fauna, as well as its rich marine life in a local zoo and incredibly huge aquarium. Afterwards, let Lakes Entrance calm you with its tranquility and soothing nature. This is definitely both a relaxing and enriching train jaunt!


Captivating Vietnam

*Sorry, we have already enjoyed this holiday, but you can find more fun filled holidays here!

For the history and exotic lovers!


If you have a penchant for a rich history, iconic palaces, tempting dishes and a unique travel experience, then Vietnam is waiting for you. Explore Vietnam's interesting flora and fauna at the Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens. Then set your foot on the celebrated Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and have fun on a junk cruise! Watch a puppet show and see how the 'dancing on water' happens. Get to find your inner peace in the less popular, unexplored beaches that are too bewitching and serene to pass up. And one more thing, everything in Vietnam is arguably affordable!


Soak, Shop & Pamper

*Sorry, we have already enjoyed this holiday, but you can find more fun filled holidays here!

For the Pleasure seekers…



Kickstart and get energized for a comforting day ahead with a much-deserved cuppa at the astounding Parkes telescope!

Express your love for retail therapy at the Boundary Street Market before diving into one of the breathtaking thermal pools while taking pleasure in the enchanting beauty of Moree. What's next? Plenty of activities where you can have invigorating massages, and relaxing nails and energizing facials. Incomparable pampering is the best phrase to describe this tour!


Overlander & the Indian Pacific

*Sorry, we have already enjoyed this holiday, but you can find more fun filled holidays here!

 For the huge sight-seeing fans…


Your sightseeing adventure will never be the same again. Laid-back travelers will find the Overland & the Indian Pacific tour immensely amusing, and even bold wanderers will be able to appreciate the beauty in merely sitting back and getting relaxed by the astonishingly beauteous view that Australia has to offer. Ride the Overlander Train to Adelaide and see the spectacular scenery at the ever glorious Glenelg Beach, before having a luscious jaunt at the Haighs chocolates. Anything else? Kings Park, Bell Tower, a Fremantle cruise, Perth Zoo, and so much more will impress you big time - guaranteed!


Phillip Island Parks

*Sorry, we have already enjoyed this holiday, but you can find more fun filled holidays here!

For wildlife and cuteness aficionados…


Have a park galore in Phillip Islands! You won't get tired seeing dingoes, wombats, wallabies and other animals that can only be fully appreciated in the Land Down Under! See the adorable seals while having a magnificent cruise, get captivated by the cuteness overload of the koalas, after getting all pumped up in learning more about the Grand Prix Circuit. Enjoy the rustic vibe while milking a cow, or riding a horse-drawn cart at the famous* find synonym Churchill Island.


Chocolate Making in SA

*Sorry, we have already enjoyed this holiday, but you can find more fun filled holidays here!

For the chocolate slash travel addicts…



Do the classic things in SA and fall in love with this charmer! Familiarize yourself with the art of chocolate-making. Then get all warmed up for some shopping at the Victor Harbour, before having a refreshing ride aboard a horse drawn-cart! Wildlife and beach tours are also a part of this totally splendid holiday!


Many travelers prefer to plan 6 months ahead, while some opt for 9 months in advance for their trip. But did you know that numerous wanderlusts often confirm their travels in just a month ahead, and a few bold nomads love the excitement from last minute bookings? Because of our differences in workload, schedules and travel preferences, the time in booking far in advance varies, and whatever kind of a vacationist you are, it's a rule of thumb to entrust your well-deserved holiday onto the hands of a reliable and experienced tour operator for local Australian vacations and supported international holidays like ClubMates Travel!


Primary Photo Source: vinsky2002 / 841 images via Pixabay under the Creative Common CC0 license