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Have a Gold Coast New Year Selfie!

Written by: Iris

Have a Gold Coast New Year Selfie! post image

Everyone's looking forward to the upcoming year. The New Year is a very special time where families and friends reunite.  Aside from the fireworks displaying and all the partying, it’s the season where we express our generosity as well as our sense of gratitude, and the occasion to express our affection to our loved ones. Indeed, in observance of this holiday, relationships are strengthened and personal goals are redefined. The moment that we reminisce, contemplate, plan and visualize. It's like the god of all the holidays- the fresh start gives us a chance to do these three things: Learn from our mistakes, aim for a fresh start and be inspired to dive onto the process!  So celebrate New Year's Eve like never before!


"Err. Planning for the New Year, this June? Hmm..."


Well contemplatin' on it might be a bit too soon you'd say, but achieving that perfect New Year slash getaway slash family bonding trip is all worth it.  And just like that quote you've recently shared on your Facebook page "Life is short. Time is fast. No replay. No rewind. So enjoy every moment as it comes.”, you might find yourself very soon shouting for that countdown to 2015! And when you prepare for it thoroughly, you're ensuring yourself of a fabulous and seamless trip right on your fingertips.

Spending the New Year's Eve doesn't mean that you have to be confined within the four corners of your home. Additionally, celebrating it doesn't denote simply watching the fireworks display - there's more to a New Year than that and now is the perfect time to be spending your New Year- with a twist.


Why not take pleasure in having a week-long New Year on the Gold Coast?

Enjoy the Parkes and visit the world famous Dish. Go to see the Movie World and meet your favourite movie characters. Have fun with the rides, and while taking some rest, watch the parade to get energized before you go shopping.

Awaken the animal lover in you by dropping by the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and see the amazing horsemanship (aside from the great music and sumptuous food!) at the Outback Spectacular.

Have a group selfie with the Big Golden Guitar serving as your backdrop!

Are you a water-lover? Hop on an enjoyable ride around the Gold Coast on the AquaDuck, making your way to the outskirts of Sea World.


So how do you come up with the first note in creating your New Year holiday music? Choose the best tour operator. Allow ClubMates Travel to help you hit your vacation goals. If you're arranging an assisted travel, or having a small or group tour, ClubMates Travel will design the perfect and most suitable New Year getaway for your needs. ClubMates Travel offers the most convenient approach for travelers in achieving their dream vacation. Visit the Gold Coast NYE itinerary here:


It's never too early (and not too soon!) to book. After a few mornings you might be finding yourself on a luxurious coach- sitting comfortably on its soft but firm cushion, with your earphones on, humming to your favourite music, while witnessing the breathtaking scenery and picturesque views outside on your way to the Gold Coast, all geared up to an amazing New Year vacation! Wow, what a vision!

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*Primary Image Source: Rainbow Currumbin Gold Coast Australia by Nikko73 and can be reused under the CC BY license.