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Have a Week-Long Easter Getaway in SA!

Written by: Iris

Have a Week-Long Easter Getaway in SA! post image

Christmas is fast approaching- and so is Easter! We may feel like it’s too far down the road but you’ll be surprised that it’s actually happening in six months’ time, so this is the perfect moment to plan for your Easter holiday! Preparing and organizing the elements of your Easter escapade could undeniably stir excitement. Christians observe Easter by attending church services to commemorate Christ’s resurrection, while the non-religious ones spend this public holiday in a multitude of ways. Although celebrating it with your loved ones in the comfort of your home, either going on an Easter egg hunt or while watching a sports event is already a wonderful idea, getting the most out of your Easter break thru exploration may be a wiser choice. So how about holding the said holiday with your family on a getaway- in SA sound to you? Hmm…



South Australia’s capital city and considered as the country’s wine capital, Adelaide, has become a famous, must-see place in several national holidays, and Easter is an ideal chance to make your family bonding experience more special and extraordinary. Isn’t it nice to dive into a pool of cultural and gastronomical experiences this exquisite city has to offer? You could start creating your travel checklist in preparation for that much awaited April holiday or you may choose to have a hassle-free and seamless trip being arranged by a tour operator in Australia.




The Cleland Wildlife Park is definitely worth a visit! This place will provide the kids, as well as those young-at-heart a chance to get up-close with the super adorable koalas. They will also have a chance to witness some of the rare species like wombats, kangaroos, among others that they don’t get to see every day! For those who want a more laid-back activity, a scenic river cruise is a definite must-try! Take snapshots of the world-famous Adelaide landmarks and you will understand why this city has won the hearts of travelers from all over the globe. All these and more before proceeding to the highlight of your trip- the treats!




Discovering more about sweets at the Adelaide Chocolate School, knowing the history of chocolates, especially how chocolate pieces are being made, will absolutely make your Easter trip more exceptional. Learning how to make solid and 3D chocolate delights on a breathtaking and amusing vacation, which are all done on a national holiday- is superbly special. That’s why Adelaide is becoming a major favourite in terms of travel destinations- well, its multi-facetedness captures every discriminate traveler’s heart!





Take full advantage of your Easter vacation by allowing a reputable travel agency to arrange your holiday of a lifetime. Clubmates Travel is an established tour operator in Australia that specializes in regular and assisted trips for both local and international travel destinations, for almost 20 years. Soon you will realize that your Easter memories are lovingly etched in your mind-forever, which will constantly intensify your zeal towards the beauty of life. Contact ClubMates Travel now to book your well-deserved, week-long Easter escapade in 2015.

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