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Written by: Iris


Almost everyone desires to have an amazing vacation. Although some would opt staying at home to simply relax, most people decide on taking a journey. Usually, a vacation wouldn't be complete without traveling. Why? It's because a trip provides an exhilarating experience that cannot be felt thru merely being confined to the four corners of one’s room. It radiates a reinvigorating magic, so like a child on Christmas Eve, people excitedly plan for an upcoming holiday, willing to go through the overwhelming, and sometimes expensive process of it. Even the number of travelers with disabilitieswho love to go on a supported holiday are apparently increasing. Its appeal is unbelievably universal. This affirms that a travel holiday is definitely all worth it, because when the time comes that you have already set foot on that glorious destination, the happiness and sense of satisfaction will surely take place. Whether it is an annual leave, a celebration, a weekend outing or just something to fulfill a travel wish, one can never underestimate the inspiring power of taking a travel escapade.

One of the most coveted ways of taking a travel-centred vacation is cruising. There are so many cruising enthusiasts who simply can't get enough of the pleasure found in voyaging along the beauteous qualities of the sea. The harmonious sounds of the waves that serve as music to the soul, the salty aroma of the sea and the unsullied freshness of the wind encircling you- they are just too magnificent to pass up. Not to mention the indulgence and comfort onboard the first-class cruise ships. There’s an endless array of recreation opportunities for everyone and all you got to do is to succumb to a wondrous time! While traveling by car, bus or coach provides an amazing quest, it’s still best to try cruising so you'd know if this type of vacation is definitely the one that’ll top your list. And if you realize that this is something you'd want to do each year then congratulations! You've just became one of the millions of cruising enthusiasts who were bewitched by the enthralling personality of the sea.

Here are the different cruise holidays that you may take this year. Note that these itineraries are both fun and exciting for regular holidaymakers and travelers with disabilities leaning towards an exceptional supported holiday.



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Image Source: The Spirit of Tasmania sailing through Port Phillip Bay in dusk seen from Elwood Beach by  Donaldytong released into the Public Domain.

Be ready to sail across the striking Tasman Sea where you'd spend a well-appointed stay on board the Spirit of Tasmania! The Spirit if Tasmania is equipped with great amenities to give you an entertaining time on the ship. The on board cinema, gaming lounge and a splendid dining experience are just some of the best features that you could look forward to. This tour offers an amazing experience for vacationers who are interested in history and wildlife, while exploring the lush environs and the beautiful facets of Tasmania set to sweep off your feet.




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Image Source: Murray river on the Murray Princess  via photopin under the CC BY license

Journey along the breathtaking Murray River on the Murray Princess and realize how wealthy the local flora and fauna truly is. The muddy banks and the spectacular cliffs outlining Australia's longest river with a very special river life, are just some of the few elements that comprise the river’s organic beauty. For those wanting to see the laid back beauty of the richness of the local environment, aiming to take part or watch the heart-pumping Murray River Cup or looking for a visit to the historical and archaeological landmarks, this cruise is sure to entice.




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Image Source:  Blue water and beach - Whitsunday Islands via photopin under the under the CC BY license.

A voyage like no other. The world-famous Great Barrier Reef and the perfectly-formed Whitsunday Islands will make you experience paradise that your tired spirit longs for. The beguiling view of the reefs’ opulence at the heart of the azure waters, contoured by the immaculate white sands are relaxing enough, what more if you are to spend 11 days aboard a luxury ship packed with superb facilities, a wide range of activities, dining choices and pampering options? This holiday bestows pure bliss through luxury and heavenly beauty carved by Mother Earth.




*Sorry, we have already enjoyed this holiday, but you can find more fun filled holidays here!

Image Source: Lifou Notre Dame chapel and cliff by Pujolle Sylvain under the CC BY license.

Be hypnotized by the consummate exquisiteness of Loyalty Islands in New Caledonia! Wiggle your toes on the soft sands of the sandy beaches of Mare and take pictures of the sapphire-coloured waters that are so crystal clear, it's considered as one of the most beautiful beach in the world. If you're in for an exotic vacation topped with culture, retail therapy and unadulterated calming experience, then Loyalty is guaranteed to fascinate you.



The allure of cruising is collectively perfect for a family outing, a cruise wedding, a romantic getaway, a supported holiday for travelers with disabilities, or any other type of escape.  There are so many vessels geared up to provide you a comfortable and luxurious stay, and so many impeccable waters and splendorous sights set to touch the different parts of your soul. Aboard a cruise ship, listen to the lashes of ocean as the waves whoosh dazzlingly; see the drapes of silk scattered on the sky, and realize that there's indeed so much joy in living.



*PRIMARY IMAGE SOURCE:  congerdesign / 2344 images via Pixabay under the CC BY license