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How to plan your next dream vacation

Written by: Iris

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Bora-Bora. Bondi Beach or Disneyland!

Oh, the excitement that comes from traveling is universal. Just the thought of visiting the beautiful spots in one's home country or going on a trip abroad is brilliant. This year, resolutions aren't just for getting fit and healthy living - an awesome trip is definitely a must!

For anyone with a disability, getting a dream vacation is our sole focus and you will definitely love the experience. Arranging a trip for your next holiday is as simple as WHERE TO, and WHEN. Nothing beats discovering the beauty of the world and for anyone with a disability there is definitely no difference! Now more than ever before anyone can choose an exciting vacation!

Travelers will experience a perfectly happy and stress-free trip, which is just a seamless recipe for any dream vacation. ClubMates Travel vows to fulfill just that. Catering for people requiring any level of supported travelor any form of disability, ClubMates Travel provides, equipment and professional care every step of the way. Total satisfaction with the expertise to customize any group or individual travel plan catering to the needs of each and every passenger. In terms of a perfect adventure filled with excitement, ClubMates Travel delivers- every time.

If you're wanting to add an "ahh" and "ooh" factor to your next holiday, call Peter and his team, who will organize your next exciting trip away.

Whether you're a newbie when it comes to traveling or a certified jet-setter, Peter would be more than happy to walk you through the simple, 3-step enquiry and information process.

Seize the day!! And contact ClubMates Travel


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