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Let Your Breath Be Taken Away by a Bendigo Holiday!

Written by: Iris

Let Your Breath Be Taken Away by a Bendigo Holiday! post image

“Big things come in small packages”, and Bendigo proves that true! Bendigo was once a small town in Victoria and the discovery of gold in its soils carved its name in the history as a significant city during the Victorian gold rush. Having obtained about 777 tons of gold since 1851, the discovery of gold transformed this sheep station into a small mining town, which paved the way to being considered as Victoria’s largest finance centre.


"Bendigo- the coolest town with a country appeal."

Despite Bendigo’s metamorphoses, the town preserved its country appeal. The iconic edifice and noteworthy structures are signs of economic development, but their construction and features still express the historical allure and rustic vibe that can only be found in the charismatic Bendigo. A guided tour around the Central Deborah Gold Mine enables you to have a journey back in time where gold abound within the glittery goldfields, as you walk into the depths of the mine.            

While getting around the pastoral Bendigo, you'll soon realize that the city overflows with heritage-themed activities that allow you to know the colorful past of Bendigo. A visit to Bendigo's hidden gem, the Chinese Joss House allows you to discover and experience the fascinating Chinese beliefs and cultures. Also take snapshots of the artifacts from the gold rush and transport yourself to the 1850s with so much pride. After that, reinvigorate as you go shopping and have fun with a foodgasmic dinner at the Shamrock Hotel. Truly, a historical trip alongside getting some retail therapy is a possible combo!


Ultimate Relaxation              

Feeling calm under the breezy sunshine, while sipping a wonderfully aromatic morning tea in the old fashioned Rochester energizes you for an exhilarating day at Echuca. Get ready for lots of giggles and laughter while you and your family have fun at HorseHand. There you can have some exciting horseback riding and learn more facts about horses. If you're a first timer then it's your perfect chance to learn how to put a saddle and bridle on a horse. Having your energy exhausted by all the adventures, the homemade mouth-watering fudge at the lolly shop will absolutely re-energize you for your next tour down the popular Murray River, while riding on a well-maintained paddle steamer. Be captivated by the picturesque surroundings! Then rejuvenate your tired and weary soul at the majestic Madison Day Spa and indulge in a tasteful fashion.         


Flora and Fauna

Your holiday wouldn't be complete without exploring the rich Australian wildlife, and you're going to experience that in Kyabram's Flora and Fauna Park! It holds the second largest collection of Australian fauna in Victoria and you surely won't get enough of the Australian's native wildlife. Get to cuddle and pat some native Australian animals and be astounded by the distinct beauty and lushness of the plants and flowerage everywhere. The sight-seeing itself is indeed therapeutic.





Saying Goodbye

Bendigo may have grown into a bustling town ready to hypnotize any type of traveler. Expect that your Bendigo holiday experience to be one of the most talked-about trips that you and your family will share, and that you won't have any regrets of experiencing the greatness of economic advancement and the simplicity of the rustic charm intertwine. Bidding adieu to Bendigo will be difficult, that's for sure.




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