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North Coast:Memorable Adventure

Written by: Iris

North Coast:Memorable Adventure post image

Wanna go bananas? The North Coast Adventure will take you to a banana plantation that has a magnificient giant banana sculpture ! The Big Banana as it is called-was one of the first 150 Big Things in Australia, with a size of 43 by 16 ft. Hey,there is also the banana-themed souvenir shop for those interested. 


Satisfy your sweet cravings at Coffs Candy Kitchen at Coffs Harbour, it’s just a few steps from The Big Banana. Be amused as you enter the candy shop, with myriads of candy selections to choose from. From butterscotch to mixed fruit, Coffs Candy Kitchen will surely keep your sweet tooth happy and delighted. You may even customise your sweets with a message on each piece; who knows, you might just make someone smile.


Take a breezy ride on a chauffeur driven trike ride and enjoy the fantastic view of Southern Highlands! It’s spring time in South Wales, it’s time to take a smell the flowers and feel the cool country air vibe that opens to the ocean. Visit the Dolphin Marine Magic and get your very own selfie with an actual dolphin at the Pet Porpoise pool. What are you waiting  for then? Come join us on a North Coast Adventure!


*Primary Image Source by Hans thru Pixabay and can be reused under the CC BY license.