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Say Bula to Dreamy Fiji

Written by: Iris

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An exotic and truly one-of-a-kind experience awaits you in Fiji! With its 333 vivacious tropical islands and appealing balmy weather, Fiji has become one of the leading, most sought after travel destinations in the world. A famous bucket-list staple, Fiji is a paradise where families achieve their dream vacations, travelers fulfill their ideal supported holiday in Fiji and where couples hit their dream weddings. With its luscious beaches, the richness and vibrancy of its marine life, Fiji has indeed proved worthy of worldwide attention. Who could even say no to its unspoiled beaches, surrounded by 5-star hotels with first class amenities or affordable inns that guarantee a comfortable vacation? Be wrapped up by its well preserved hinterlands and abundant flora and fauna. And with the resplendent beaches and countless water activities, it’s certain that you cannot get enough with Fiji for sure.


Take a glance on what to look forward to your fabulous Fijian getaway! 


Have a taste of the admired Fijian culture with a village tour and feel the warmth of Fijian hospitality. Allow a Fijian Warrior escort you to a "Bure", a traditional village meeting house where you'd be greeted by a "kava", which is a customary welcome yaqona ceremony, that is only presented for very important visitors.



Image Source: PICT2259 via Photopin and can be reused under the CC BY license.


Your Fijian experience will never be complete without visiting the Sri Siva Subramaniya. Let the vibrant colours and the intricate design of the Southern hemisphere's largest Hindu temple impress you! Capturing a shot of this exemplary structure, against the powder blue sky is immensely gorgeous.

Feel the excitement kick in while cruising from Denarau to the island of Malolo. Appreciate the calmness of the sea while being soothed by the fresh air underneath the swirls of clouds up in the sky. After having a delightful meal at a wonderful poolside resto, take a breather while having a view from this striking island. Then slather on your sunscreen as you get ready for an elating time snorkeling, diving or riding on a glass bottom boat, and simply get mesmerized by the richness of this island's marine life. Then connect with your inner self as you get up close with nature upon seeing the burgeoning environs of the well-liked Mamanuca Island.


IMAGE SOURCE: skeeze / 5125 images thru Pixabay and can be reused under the CC BY license.


Holidaymakers who are interested in wildlife will definitely have an incredible visit at the Kula Ecopark, spotting so many interesting animals including orange and golden doves, especially the critically endangered crested iguanas!

Want to know what it's like to have some genuine, retail therapy in Fiji? Then Sigatoka, Lautoka or Nadi are the main spots that will surely satisfy your shopaholic spirit!

Aside from these highlights, you'd get thrilled with all the amazing water activities available. Or you can simply have a heavenly experience by merely walking along the splendid beaches or just lounging by the peaceful sea, whilst sunset watching!


IMAGE SOURCE: chesshirecat / 9 images thru Pixabay and can be reused under the CC BY license.


“Bula” is the national Fijian greeting that's used for saying hello, goodbye or thank you. Hear this heartfelt greeting while setting foot on this magnificent country, for a vacation or a supported holiday in Fiji like no other with the help of ClubMates Travel. For more than 27 years, ClubMates Travel has been providing travelers a unique and tremendous experience vacationing in the most beautiful regions in the world, including Fiji! With the right support provided for every traveler with disability, and creating a perfect itinerary that will enable you and your family to fully maximise your Fijian adventure, a superb trip to the heart of the South Pacific is definitely ensured.  


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PRIMARY PHOTO SOURCE:  suva.fiji via Photopin and can be reused under the CC BY license.