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Seascapes and August Adventures

Written by: Iris

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Stop. Smell the flowers. Look up at the beautfil display of trees and listen to the crackling noise of the branches. Stare at the bright yet comforting rays of sunshine. Let the warm weather hold you in its arms, or get tickled by the cool breeze. You may not know it, but these simple pleasures and effortless encounters with our environment can reach our deepest cores, touching our inner self.



Have a quick getaway and indulge in a brief escape from all the stress and momentarily forget the demands of everyday life. It is about time to plan for an escape where you allow yourself to take a break from your daily routine. Simply give in to the exciting supported holidays that are good for your heart and soul - and allow ClubMates Travel to take you away to a splendid journey where you can disconnect from your daily routine and reconnect to the breathtaking things around you—and to yourself.


Take a time-out in one of these relaxing and refereshing holidays so you could enjoy the things that you have set aside for a long time. You'll realize that there are still plenty of things to be discovered and appreciated in the world we live in. Have fun trying a new activity and you'll soon discover that there are no bounds to your capability!


Man fishing by ocean

Camping and Fishing

*Sorry, we have already enjoyed this holiday, but you can find more fun filled holidays here!


Listen to the comforting splashes of the water as you go fishing, before you showcase your winning smile for that catch of the day! Fishing has a lot of great health benefits as this physical workout improves your flexibility and strength, while you get a rich dose of Vitamin D as you carry out this activity under the sun! Also prepare your ears for the lovely songs of the birds and the enchanting melody from the nature around you as you go for a nature walk and some sight-seeing. Relax around the campfire with a song of your choosing, before you go stargazing on a wonderful camping night.


popular beach

Sydney Sea Life

*Sorry, we have already enjoyed this holiday, but you can find more fun filled holidays here!


This holiday may be centred on water activities, and wiggling your toes through the powdery sands of the Bondi Beach may serve as the highlight of this getaway, but the trip to Madam Tussauds where you could see the incredible waxworks of some of the most famous public figures and superheroes definitely adds a twist to this trip! You can also have an energizing time exploring the marine life at Sea Life, and the unique animals and plants at the Wild Life Zoo, where you could meet Rex, the Croc! But despite having a busy day, you will be calmed by the relaxing and scenic cruise to Manly!


quiet beach with mountainside

East Coast Bay and Beaches

*Sorry, we have already enjoyed this holiday, but you can find more fun filled holidays here!


If you are leaning towards a holiday that's truly filled with varied activities, then the 'East Coast Bay and Beaches' is the perfect tour for you. With its wide-ranging activities - from the cool breeze from the beaches giving time to reflect and relax, to cruising around the majestic Wineglass Bay while enjoying the sweeping horizons - you should also set yourself to partake in the most interesting historical experience and exciting wildlife encounters. What's not to love in this amazing holiday?


But wait, there's more!


Taking a holiday is incredibly beneficial to us. Not only does it clear our minds, but it is also an excellent opportunity for our body to recharge by engaging in relaxing activities that boosts our physical and mental state. Once we are recharged, our productivity and efficiency are enhanced, thus we can set ourselves to endless possibilities!


Inhale the freshness of the air. Witness the bright silver stars twinkle and glisten up in the sky underneath the moonlight. Give yourself in to the nature, gently exhaling its breath. Let these ClubMates Travel getaways cast a spell on you and leave beautiful, happy memories!


The sea is calling you…

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