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Sorrento: No Fuss. Just Pure Beauty

Written by: Iris

Sorrento: No Fuss. Just Pure Beauty post image

We can't deny the fact that there are times when we just feel the need for a quick getaway. Something that's not too grandiose, yet not too dull and boring at that. Not a week-long trip that will take a chunk out of your annual leaves and not a quick overnight outing that will leave you asking for more. In the same way as that hot cuppa, a quick walk in the park while the sparkling sunlight goes through the beautiful apertures between the leaves, or merely being home, teary-eyed, while watching a romantic film you've seen tons of times before. Those are THE moments- the very special moments in your life, which sometimes go unnoticed yet give us inspiration to fathom the beauty of life even more. Simply amazing. Quietly spectacular.  That's "Sorrento" put into words.


Oh, Sorrento!

The magic of  Sorrento, will leave you memories that will never be forgotten. This coastal charmer continues to wow visitors. Why? Simple. Sorrento may seem like a laid-back place, the beaches and all that, but holidaymakers get astonished by the myriad of activities this darling awaits to be explored on.


Want to see the 50 shades of teal?

Seeing the different beaches in Sorrento provides you a chance to understand the impeccable beauty of the waters that are either teal, turquoise, cyan, aquamarine, cerulean or in between! Whatever floats your boat- a lot of diving or just a relaxing sight-seeing- one thing's for sure, you'll definitely have an awesome time on one of its beaches where captivation is an understatement.

Take a peek of the Queenscliffs and Southern Port Phillip Bay's maritime past and see the different artefacts from real shipwrecks, items that relate to fishing, early diving equipments, old maps and charts, alongside learning the important milestones in Queenscliff's maritime history.

Fond of dolphins? The glorious Polperro guarantees the most memorable "meet-and-greet" moments with the cute and friendly dolphins. Be sure to take some snapshots of your encounter with these delightful animals! Viewing the equally adorable fur seals and the birds in Port Phillip Bay is another thing to smile about!

Add a touch of adrenaline rush to your Sorrento vacay- The Ace Hi Adventure Camp! Go on a horseback riding or rock climbing. Experience the Flying Fox and Giant Swing as these are the tried-and-tested Ace Hi favourites! If you prefer having your Ace Hi adventure more laid back, then that's absolutely fine! Sight-seeing while strolling down the natural parks, tackling low ropes courses or bush cooking will surely give you lighthearted pleasure and amusement that’d definitely refresh you.


Get the most enlivening 3-day trip of your life!

Sensing that “burnout” feeling? Then escape the tiring city life in a beautiful way! A brief journey to Sorrento will undoubtedly take away all the physical and mental exhaustion you get from your daily tasks, from the hustle-and-bustle of urban living. Give-in to that much-needed trip through ClubMates Travel. ClubMates Travel is a preferred tour operator by regular wanderlusts and travelers who have disabilities. They take pride in creating a travel plan specifically for each passenger’s needs, while providing supreme safety and comfort. If you fancy a seamless booking for a perfect trip then ClubMates Travel will do the rest.

No brouhaha. No fuss. Just the pure and untainted beauty of Sorrento. That's all. Book now at our Perfect Peninsula Holiday Listing and learn more about ClubMates Travel listings HERE.


*Primary Image Source: OIC sorrento geneff park by User:Orderinchaos and can be reused under the CC BY license.