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The Great Bathurst 1000

Written by: Iris

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Car racing, being in a contest of speed in which the aggressive race-car riders try to reach a set goal excites everyone to no end. If you're a racing enthusiast who's rooting for your favourite driver, be sure to give your support. The loud cheers from the crowd are bound to inspire the men behind the wheels. So, if you want to watch the car-racers screaming off the tracks set on astounding views, then there is no better way to experience it than witnessing the popular and uber powerful Bathurst 1000 event!


This year, the Bathurst 1000 event was held from the 4th to the 7th of October 2018 at the Mount Panorama Circuit. Craig Lowndes and Steven Richards of the Autobarn Lowndes Racing won the Bathurst 1000, making this year's win their seventh victory. Formally called as the 2018 Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000, the motor-racing event made all the fans hear the loud roars and smell the smoke­­­—making them feel the rip-roaring experience overall in the beautiful weather!


The yearly event allows all the car-racing lovers to enjoy a great time as the racing rivalries express their impressive driving skills and expertise while they ascend and descend the Mountain, aiming for success. Aside from the event’s legendary drivers, fans can ultimately enjoy the 1000-kilometre racing event and more in a fun-filled supported holiday by ClubMates Travel.


The 2018 Bathurst 1000 Tour organized by ClubMates Travel was a huge success. During this supported holiday, our members had a fabulous moment dipping themselves in all the energy and enthusiasm which were at par with their favourite teams. There was never a dull moment during this action-packed tour because apart from immersing themselves in a stirring 3-day electrifying racecar adventure, the rest of their time was filled with awesome sightseeing and fun escapades that made them indulge in a lot of things that Bathurst has to offer.



Next year, this monumental racing event shouldn't be missed! ClubMates Travel's Bathurst 2019 is an all-inclusive supported holiday that will promise you to feel the rush as you hear the cars start, seeing the drivers’ passion to win the race, while hitting their record-breaking speed!


Visit the National Motor Racing Museum in Bathurst and learn more about the history of the Australian Motor Sport. See the popular motor sport legends and their achievements at the museum, and appreciate the rich motorsport history of Australia!


Prepare your cameras as you take snapshots of the Transporter and Driver Parade heading down Durham Street while hearing the lively fans cheering on their favourite teams. Get ready to see the drivers, the crew members, and all the spectators enjoy a moment that's bursting with energy and fun. Grab some amazing V8 memorabilia and more as you go shopping. Then, elevate your Bathurst experience as you enjoy an exciting helicopter ride, taking in the views of the Mount Panorama from up above!



When hunger sets in during the event, there are delicious meals, light snacks and drinks that are available which will satisfy your hunger while being hooked to the racer, feeling excited and hoping that he wins!


Events like this are beneficial to everyone because not only do they enjoy a thrilling racecar competition, participants will also see Bathurst's gorgeous views, iconic sites, and more! Make your heart jump as the cars start and when the signal to go is given. ClubMates Travel ensures real fun and unique pleasure brought by watching a car racing activity, combined with all other exciting pursuits.


See for yourself the drivers' winning streaks! Make sure that you plan ahead for your travels and awesome escapades for 2019! Go ahead and invite your family and friends, so you all could feel the excitement as the cars roar to the race of the times! Whether it's your first time attending the Bathurst 1000, an avid fan, or a hardcore racing enthusiast, a stimulating supported holiday is in store for you! Learn more about the ClubMates Travel Bathurst 1000 supported holiday HERE.



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