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The Three Hs of Adelaide

Written by: Iris

The Three Hs of Adelaide post image

A historical, heavenly and haunted (what?!) holiday in Adelaide?

Hmm…  Never imagined that you could get all those in one trip, right? But Australia’s 5th largest city vows to give you an awesome holiday break you truly deserve…

When you choose to get your 2014 year-ender trip in Adelaide, then might as well prepare yourself to indulge in a unique experience of these 3 H’s, all beautifully wrapped in one amazing journey. 



Who says heavenly is for indulgent chocolates and scrumptious meals alone? In Adelaide, you will realize another type of heavenly bliss right before your eyes! Sit back, simply chill and just get hypnotized by the enthralling and spectacular brandeis blue skies with the panoramic ultramarine coloured waters around the ship you're in, while on a Port River Cruise. There are 40 Indo-Pacific Bottlenose  dolpins to see and whatever time of the day, the chances of catching a glimpse of a magnificent and playful dolphin amid the sparkly waters is very high!

Want to witness some whales splashing on the iridescent water surface? Then Victor Harbor it is! Go swimming, unwind on one of its glittering beaches and just have the most relaxing moment of your life. Stand over the 90-metre limestone cliffs-  you might take a snapshot of a lively whale from beneath!

Your Adelaide holiday is incomplete without having an in-depth tour of the Adelaide Oval- the most iconic stadium in Australia. Get awestruck while exploring the Western Grandstand which is truly immense as it could provide seats for up to 14,000 fans. Be sure to see the Clarrie Grimmett Gates, named after "The Bradman of Spin" - Cricket leg-spinner, Clarrie Grimmett.



The more we understand something, the more we appreciate it. Knowing the remarkable milestones of amazing tourist destinations with our itchy feet is a great way of maximizing every holiday.

Believed to be the oldest in Australia, the Port Adelaide Nautical Museum is truly worthy of being explored and appreciated. Timeworn shipwreck pieces, archaic paintings, outmoded clothes and ancient sea chests, among others, will give you a fantastic underwater historical experience. Then top your nautical knowledge by discovering the history of rail and trains at the National Railway Museum. Here you'll see the timeless, classic carriages and examine railway models. Sight-seeing only? Of course not! At the National Railway Museum, you’ll enjoy a free train ride and a chance to climb into an incredible real steam engine cab!

Afterwards, step on South Australia's most visited Island- the Granite Island! It's one of the most highly regarded islands by the Aboriginal population where you will find cute little penguins strutting and frolicking- truly an amazing wildlife experience!



Is visiting a creepy jail excites you big time? Then brace yourself for spooky tales about the Adelaide Gaol ghosts! The Adelaide Gaol is one of the oldest buildings in South Australia which housed prisoners from 1841 to 1988, holding a total of 300,000 inmates. Ever since it closed, several hair-raising supernatural stories circulated, thus making it an ideal place to hear (and feel!) eeriness at its finest. Aside from the scary paranormal activities, you will learn more on how a prisoner's daily life goes, view a collection of weapons that were confiscated from the prisoners before, and understand how guards controlled the convicts. All that plus the bone-chilling ghost stories around the gaol made it an extremely popular Adelaide tourist attraction.



Is it too late to book?

Spur of the moment vacationers and spontaneous tourists- are you one of them? If you’re that kind of traveler then we truly respect that! Although it’s highly suggested to book 3 to 6 (or even 9!) months in advance, we understand the impulsive whims and immediate needs to travel and discover. It’s often fun that way, right? Regardless if it’s planned a year in advance or a couple of months prior, ClubMates Travel promises the most convenient and seamless Adelaide trip ever.

The mentioned itineraries will help in harmonizing your Adelaide trip for a “happier” you- oh, and that's another “H”! :) Learn more about your Adelaide trip HERE and book at ClubMates Travel


*Primary Image Source by tllonmedia thru Pixabay and can be reused under the CC BY license.