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Tips for Disability Travel

Written by: Iris

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Nowadays, travel is not considered a luxury anymore—but a necessity. Life offers all kinds of amazing opportunities: a moment of discovery, a time to look into that hobby you always wanted to try, a chance to relax, and most importantly, to gain lifelong memories. In the past, having physical limitations may mean our bodies don't always want to cooperate when participating in some physical activities, but we now live in an age where travel has become easier and more convenient for people with a disability.

Travelling domestically or overseas can become an enriching experience for all travellers. It does not only provide an invigorating feeling by being able to unwind and relax; but all the activities, interaction, exploration, and realisations can widen your perspectives and improve your outlook in life. 

Persons with a disability in Australia can fully enjoy accessible destinations, wheelchair accessible holidays, and fully supported cruising holidays. They can also have more access to funds to take a supported holiday. Thanks to the NDIS funding, more and more travellers with a disability can look forward to new ways to enjoy life outside of their homes. ClubMates Travel is a registered NDIS provider and can help you achieve the perfect assisted holiday where you can utilise NDIS funding where possible. 

Here are some few tips for making those supported trips for those with a physical limitation more hassle-free when travelling alone or with their family:

Have you prepared your health insurance?

Before travelling domestically or going abroad, you should speak to your insurance providers and learn about what services are provided outside your own country. Even if some health insurance companies do cover customary and reasonable hospital expenses overseas, that does not mean every medical procedure will be covered.

Where are your medications?

Most persons with a disability and their family know it's important to stay on top of their medication regimen. If you are flying to another country, keep your carry-on stocked with your medications so they are always with you. Check the airline you are travelling with for all policies involving carrying medications. If you know you're going on a long trip, make sure to refill your meds ahead of time. If you are travelling as a group under a tour operator specialising in supported holidays then you will have a more stress-free time. Usually, carers and support staff of travel agencies for supported holidays are trained to administer medication, assist with budgeting, and if required, provide more personalised care.

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Fit to Travel

If you happen to be a younger person travelling with a family member who has a disability, make sure that they can sit and stand for long periods of time. Long waits in brutal temperatures or rigorous activities can be harsh for older people or persons with a disability. Know all their allergies and medical conditions. If possible, ask their doctor for any advice and recommendations before travelling. Make sure that they get a checkup and get cleared by their doctor before travelling abroad. ClubMates Travel can accommodate travellers whether they want to travel solo or with their family members and can tailor the intensity of activities and destinations according to the traveller's stamina.

Decide on the places that you want to visit ahead of time

Got a lengthy bucket list? It's never impossible to be able to tick them all! It's true, there's just a plenitude of beautiful destinations sprinkled around the world and planning your next adventure may be just too overwhelming. The first step is to identify your interests, what you want to discover, or the place that you want to visit ever since (or revisit). Travel planning can be a tedious task. Although individuals can plan their own itineraries, it may become stressful at times so it's still best to use a tour operator who can assist you in creating a supported holiday package that includes all the fun activities which you will surely love at your dream destination!

Skip the line

Always register your family member with a disability as needing special assistance when travelling beforehand. This will allow them to not overexert themselves before their flight even starts. Special assistance typically comes with a wheelchair and/or electric scooter. Special assistance also comes with priority lane access, meaning you can get past those long lines. It's one of those special services that you or a family member with physical limitations should try to take advantage of.

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Get your shots

Most people forget to keep up with all their routine vaccines. Rubella, measles, mumps, etc. are all alive and well around the world. Childhood vaccines protect against diseases that are common in countries outside your own. A tetanus shot is recommended, so be sure to stay on top of your booster shots before you travel. It is a good idea to talk to a doctor or medical practitioner to know the best immunizations or booster shots to get before travelling.

Keep your family posted

Now, when you're on a supported travel, it's helpful to let your family members know where you are at all times. You should share your travel plans with your family and friends who care about you and your safety. Let them know you're doing and where you are. A simple call, email, or message giving them an update on your whereabouts will not only help you out in case any problems arise but will also put your family at ease. 

Most importantly—Keep Things Simple

Don't add on additional stresses. With that in mind, keep things simple when planning your trip and when looking for accommodations. Make sure your hotel is near your planned outings, a central location you can use as a landmark to walk around and enjoy your area. Keep everything in an easy reach zone. Don't make things more complicated than they are. You don't want to be wandering around after dark looking for your hotel because it was too much of a hassle to plan ahead. When you pick a hotel, pick one that fits your or a family member’s needs. For disability travel, it is highly suggested to use a travel agency that is experienced in catering travellers with a disability. Indeed, there is no limitation that can destroy the strong will to explore the world and find happiness!

ClubMates Travel is backed with more than 30 years of experience and have highly-skilled and trained support crew in accommodating holidaymakers with a disability. With proper planning three to six months ahead of your desired travel date, you could fully prepare and can rest easy knowing that your dream holiday is already on its way! 

Contact one of our friendly travel agents NOW to know if you're NDIS eligible so we can assist you in choosing the best assisted holiday for you or to help you personalise that adventure you've always wanted!

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