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Top Regions to Visit in Australia

Written by: Iris

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When we see or hear things that relate to Australia, we can't help but think about how this country overflows with beautiful landscapes, popular destinations, and iconic historical landmarks. The images of the world-renowned Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Great Ocean Road, and Uluru are just some of the legendary places on a holiday in Australia that come to our minds. The country's stunning, must-visit places encompass a unique beauty that's surely bound to leave a lasting imprint on our hearts. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics via Austrade, Australia attracted 9.3 million short-term international visitors in the year ending December 2018. Finder's research states that there will be 10 million tourists to visit Australia in 2019. Whether these numbers consist of first time international visitors or repeat travelers from overseas, there's no denying that Australia has a captivating raw beauty and irresistible vibe that cannot be found anywhere else in the world!


But did you know that apart from these world-famous gems, there's also plenty of beautiful places peppered here and there in the Land Down Under? Australia immensely wows all types of tourists. There's a plenitude of beaches--both well-known and secluded--where you can dip your toes, go snorkeling and diving, or simply to take a breather. Exciting dining experiences are also very much available to those who are seeking a special gastronomic experience. Regardless if you're an adventurous soul, a thrill-seeking group, a family who are looking to have their holiday of a lifetime, or simply someone who wants to have a laidback getaway, Australia's got you covered.


If you have already visited the most epochal attractions mentioned above, you could still enjoy the diversity of this country and gain unforgettable experiences at the following breathtaking regions. Let Australia exceed your expectations as you discover the picturesque vistas, enticing wineries, scenic views, and so much more out of these magnificent regions:




Being in Canberra--Australia's capital city and largest inland city--you will have access to a myriad of attractions and experiences that will surely make you add Canberra to your favourite cities! Aside from the vast array of cultural gems in the form of galleries, museums, and monuments like the National War Memorial, Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House, and Lake Burley Griffin that this city holds, it is where the Floriade Flower Festival is held. The Floriade Flower Festival is a haven for anthophiles or flower-lovers, eco-enthusiasts, persons who have a geen thumb, and tourists wanting to be enveloped in the pageantry of blossoms! Attending the festival is also meaningful as it doesn't only mean witnessing the display of the constantly pretty array of gardens and blooms, but it also promotes conservation and sustainability. Be taken away by the sights at the top of Mount Ainsli then sail away to Captain Cook Memorial water jet before going for a relaxing massage. Explore the National Dinosaur Museum and enjoy some awesome wildlife escapes at the National Dinosaur Museum. Canberra is ready to swoon!


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Home to the famous motorsport Bathurst 1000 held every October at the striking Mount Panorama each year, Bathurst also boasts a strong heritage through its landmarks such as the Kings Parade, Carillon Memorial, and Evans Memorial and the rest of amazing architecture like the Abercrombie House and the Bathurst Court House. It is also dubbed as the "Gold Country" due to it being the location of the first gold rush and first ever gold discovery. With a great number of perfectly maintained parks and walkways, a lot of adorable palettes of emerald are sprinkled everywhere. As the name 'Bathurst' equates to motorsports, racing activities and locations that commemmorate the Aussie motor racing history abound. The National Motor Racing Museum shouldn't be missed as it houses an extensive collection and display of preserved memorabilias, famous modern racing cars, and motorcycles. Have an action-packed day watching your favorite racing legends at the Bathurst 1000 as they drive around Mt Panorama. Tour around the charming town and catch the delightful sights, as you go shopping for some V8 memorabilias. Your time in Bathurst will be filled with a multitude of adventure, historical, and relaxing escaped topped with a rustic vibe. 



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South Australia


Feel the bucolic charm and rustic splendor of this region where you can simply dig into nature's raw magnificence through the picture-perfect views and indulgent panoramas! South Australia is certainly vast; and there is actually a copious amount of things to do and places to visit in this spectacular place in the Land Down Under! Let the vineyards mesmerize you as you traverse through the beauteous Barossa Valley, the country's most popular wine region. See the magic at the internationally-acclaimed Kangaroo Island as you feed the pelicans, milk some sheep, go on a picnic, then camp under the stars at the Flinders Chase National Park or go hiking to smell the tutti-frutti perfume of nature. Cruise away and let the dolphins swim with you along the Historic Port River and visit the bottlenose Dolphon sanctuary. Ride the first public railway on the cockle train and be nostalgic as you chug along a horse-drawn tram to the ever stunning Granite Island. Emu Ridge is also a great place for some retail therapy, where you can grab some Eucalyptus oil and awesome rocks. Indeed, you will be compelled to return to South Australia to experience a calming retreat and to unravel the rest of its history and indulgent visual feast!


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Margaret River


Unearth the preciousness on this gem of a place while enjoying the subtly summery wearther! Margaret River is popular for its world-famous vineyards, illustrious surfing breaks, and enthralling caves such as the multi-chambered Mammoth Cave and Lake Cave. The region also showcases impressive reserves and noteworthy lighthouses such as the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse and Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. Be in awe as you witness the entrancing beauty of the stalagmites and stalactites with their irregular forms that humbly scream perfection! The premiere wine region houses divine vineyards where the internationally-recognized wine varieties such as Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon,  Sauvignon blanc, Verdelho, Merlot, Chenin blanc, and Shiraz are grown. There's also a great deal of destinations for art enthusiasts. See the iconic Boranup Gallery and soak in the beautiful views from the cafe. The John Miller Design Yallingup is also an exceptional art gallery where you can delve into the great handcrafted creations of John Miller, one of Australia's leading jewellery designers. Visit the longest wooden jetty in the world--the Busselton Jetty--as you hop on a jetty train on your way to a cherish-worthy trip to the Underwater Observatory to say "Hi" to fascinating sea creatures. Visit a reptile park to see different kinds of reptiles before enjoying a bird show. Take delight in the country feel as you enjoy the amazing dining experiences at the topnotch restaurants and cholocatiers, sampling on yummy chocolates, cheese, nuts, and fudge. You'll be surprised that the possiblilities are endless in this region where you can still have a relaxing time with an evocative feel!  



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So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and be all set to explore the dazzling beauty and brilliant experiences on an amazing holiday in Australia! Alllow ClubMates Travel to help you achieve your dream supported holiday. CONTACT US so we can help you plan for that unforgettable journey! 






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