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Top Relaxing Destinations in Australia

Written by: Iris

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What would be an ideal getaway to have some unsullied relaxation? An adventure where you could take a breather and de-stress. The answers would be pretty subjective. While others may find an escape to the beach completely satisfying, some would prefer taking a vacation by staying at the countryside, savoring the laid back life and amiable quietude of the town, and enjoying the rustic views. Australia is truly wealthy in terms of attractions that are ultimately perfect for those who are seeking that much-deserved relaxation and soul searching, couples who are leaning towards a beguilingly romantic honeymoon or vacay, or for that much-needed spur of the moment trips, ready to boost and invigorate their spirits after getting burned out from our daily routines. Give in to the most relaxing spots in Australia


It’s true, a relaxing holiday oftentimes gets associated with a boring feat. This is definitely a common misconception. With the holidays offered by ClubMates Travel, you are set for a tranquil retreat that’s ready to soothe your senses and calm your soul, reenergizing you up to face the beauty and madness of life itself! ClubMates Travel ensures that all of their passengers are able to achieve a truly rich and varied adventure that’s centred on pure relaxation with its tailor-made tours and supported holidays, but also offers other exciting activities that will enable them to experience more than just a beautiful respite.



Recommended Tour: Pampering in the Barossa

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Image Source: Barossa Valley by Lana L via Photopin and can be reused under the CC BY license.


The majestic views of the lush nature, with the world-famous and biggest vineyards in Australia will give you a great vantage point in seeing one of Mother Earth's most enthralling masterpieces in Australia, just like the wineries found in Barossa Valley, which is South Australia's biggest wine producing district. Walk in the midst of the picturesque greenery, witness the picture-worthy rows of vineyards that provide utmost pleasure to your sight. Best of all, get to taste the genuinely captivating wine and cheese, with the radiant views serving as your dreamy backdrop.



Recommended Tour: Soak, Shop and Pamper

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Image Source: rhythmuswege / 40 images via Pixabay under the  CC0 Public Domain.


Nature itself can already be soothing, so how much more if you are set to gain total pampering by the most trusted and highly-qualified spa therapists, at one of the most popular spa destinations in Australia? Take a lull as you get a calming massage, have your hair and nails done, after taking a dip into an immense tranquility by swimming in one of the refreshing thermal pools. This is really a tantalizing and revivifying prelude to a sanctuary that offers ultimate pampering and taking delight in the unadulterated sceneries all at the same time.


Nature Trip

Recommended Tour: Camping in the Territory

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Take a gentle stroll at the exceptional views of the vista and bucolic sights, and be serenaded by the chirping of the birds, the sweet lullabies of the wind and how enchanting the sparkling rays of sunshine pass through the emerald leaves of the trees. Whether you have set foot on Australia to visit its top tourist attractions, to re-experience the richness of its culture, to see how exciting and vast the Australian wildlife is, or perhaps express some retail therapy, you are guaranteed of a journey that’s brimming with natural beauty and splendor, within one of the world’s most idyllic and scenic views.



Recommended Tour: Cairns

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 Image Source: PublicDomainPictures / 18043 images via Pixabay under the CC0 Public Domain


A time at the beach is an ideal point to unwind. Bask in the warmth of the water under the sun or give in to its cool splashes late in the afternoon, while waiting for that majestic moment of taking a glimpse of the golden hour. Be ready with your hat, sunscreen and brace yourself to gaze at the striking views while lying on your beach chair, having that Piña colada or your favourite beach drink. With the glorious beaches in Oz, you don’t need to find that perfect beach location, as everywhere can be the best spot that’s guaranteed to provide you a delicate haven.



Recommended Tour: Scenic Cruising FNQ

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Cruising and sailing away to a relaxing destination is such an enticing escapade! Achieve the peace and quiet that you are yearning for aboard a cruise ship, while watching the ocean waves resemble a graceful dancer, swaying under the sun! With the luxury cruise ships that offer plenty of amenities – from gastronomic treats, sports activities, posh suites that provide a luxurious stay, and a huge pool overlooking the world’s most talked about seascapes, and so much more. Not only will your local and international cruising destination is guaranteed to excite you, but the cruise itself is already something brilliant to look forward to.


Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind experience that will make you admire Australia even more. You’ll realize that when you are in this jewel, almost all of the paradisiacal wonders of the Earth are within your reach. The spas and thermal pools abound. You’ll see how well-preserved the Australian nature is while you sit back and smell the naturally sweet fragrance of the breeze, with the crispness of the air brought about the foliage and the freshness of flowers in bloom. The unspoilt beauty of the unchartered beaches is set to captivate you. Now is the best time to discover why the popular and even the underrated relaxing spots in Australia may be considered as one of the best in the world. There’s nothing quite like the relaxation that you’d ought to experience in Australia where the most exciting and relaxing escapades are bound to take your breath away.


*PRIMARY IMAGE: ClubMates Travel’s Adelaide to Fremantle Cruise 2017 Tour