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Trip Down the Memory Lane :Picturesque West Wyalong

Written by: Iris

Trip Down the Memory Lane :Picturesque West Wyalong post image

The bygone gold rush,the pastoral structures and historic villages….reminds me of the vintage films of the early 1900s,the stained photos from long ago.Back then,life was different, just as John Denver(The Beetles) sang,‘life is old there’(Take Me Home, Country Roads)

Yes,life is indeed old there-the idyllic nature of the prairie, the rustic features and the coziness of the homes, and the simple life back then is something that we can only dream of in this forever busy modern 21st Century;Or is it? Let’s not get to any conclusions because there is a quaint little town that still holds it out against the Roman empire-the Gaulish town…err I mean against modern technology-West Wyalong in Australia. Yes,that’s right folks, the quaint town of West Wyalong awaits you... 


Oh, West Wyalong!

If  your tired mind and body long for the laid back charm of rural living,then West Wyalong is a perfect choice. It has an astounding appeal that attracts thousands of visitors annually from around the world. West Wyalong's old fashioned houses and ancestral aspects will provide you an experience that you can't easily find anywhere else.The town’s aesthetic beauty is still preserved as it was over a century ago so that we can admire this natural splendor.It also offers a chance for us to fully understand how our forefathers lived the simple life,years before the Space Age. Truly a life-changing experience!


So what's in store for you?

West Wyalong has an age old Griffith town.A place with colonial houses and architecture which are atleast a century old,the town still stands tall in its former glory.The Wyalong Museum allows you to learn more about the town's history in an in-depth manner.


Treat your taste buds to an European cuisine.Hey,Junee Licorice and Chocolate is in charge!

At the Becketts Pioneer farm, there is the gypsy wagons and you can chase around a few geese and other farm animals! A stroll down the fields around is an incredible experience.Finally, a cool dip in the Mineral Pools gets you the most relaxing and revitalizing experience –thanks to its therapeutic properties. 


Indeed one-of-a-kind.

West Wyalong may not be a staple name on your usual travel magazine; may not be known on a holiday blog that you're subscribed on. But that’s the beauty of it- a place out there waiting to be explored.West Wyalong has proven that its special- that beauty and inspiration comes from the core. The magic of West Wyalong- the experience, captivation and all the self-reflections that you're compelled to do in this magical place, will leave wonderful memories and realizations about life, that will change how you perceive life in future.


The best part? We can take you there this February 2015!!

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PS:Free hugs for all! ;)


*Primary Image Source: West Wyalong Royal Hotel 003 by Mattinbgn and can be reused under the CC BY license.