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What to Wear for Air Travel

Written by: Iris

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It's always a challenge to achieve balance between comfort, style and what's appropriate clothing to wear for many air travelers. Here's a few points to ponder that everyone can follow that will ensure comfort with no issues.

Avoid wearing perfume or cologne, or bring any food that has strong odor

Refrain from wearing perfume or cologne on your flight; even if you don't think you're wearing much for fellow passengers may find it aroma noxious. There are some folks have allergies or asthma could have a reaction to strong perfumes. Refrain from bringing food with strong odor too.

Avoid wearing high-heels, sandals with straps, and flip flops

In event of emergency, these kind of footwear like high-heels, sandals with  straps, and flip flops have less traction and may cause you to slip and fall. It could hinder you in making a safer exit in times of emergency. Instead, wear slip-on shoes with a low heels that can be easily taken off and quickly put back during security measures without fumbling with straps or buckles. It offers the most comfort and you'll find it easy to remove during security where shoes are often have to be removed.

Avoid tight or restrictive tops and over layering

Choose a light top such as T-shirts or shirt with sleeves and you can add layers. Make sure you don't over layer since taking off three or fours layers will be unnecessarily time consuming during security checkpoint. Avoid tight or restrictive tops like inappropriate and revealing for it may cause deep vein thrombosis like what happened to Lady Gaga in 2010. Under-wire bras may be troublesome when going through metal detector.

Avoid wearing dresses, skirts, shorts and synthetic fabrics

As a general rule, pants are more appropriate choice than dresses, skirts or shorts for passengers have to bend over and stoop while going to security which creates the opportunity for improper exposure if not wearing pants. Make sure to wear breathable, loose-fitting pants that let you move about freely and protect your legs from cold temperatures. Avoid shorts which can prove disastrous in the event of a coffee spill. Avoid synthetic fabrics such as nylon for it is flammable. It is preferred to wear long pants or long skirts for in cases of a flash fire, they will protect your legs and if you have to go down an emergency slide, you won't get "rug burns" on the back of your legs.

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Happy travels!!


*Primary Image Source: arztsamui thru FreeDigitalPhotos.Net