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5 Popular Travel Bloggers with a Disability

Written by: Iris

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"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."

-Saint Augustine


The yearning to travel is universal. Most people desire to explore the world and to discover more in life, no matter what their differences, culture, backgrounds and preferences are. Traveling is a great opportunity to develop ourselves holistically. We do not only create memories and learn plenty of things that shape us positively along the way, but we gain a lot of attributes in doing so, thus, traveling enriches us in so many ways, touching the different parts of ourselves.


For these famous travel bloggers with a disability, traveling is not only an excellent source of joy but it is their way of life. It meant stepping outside of their comfort zones and living beyond limits. They faced their fears, chased their happiness, and eventually found fulfillment in their escapades while achieving so much in their adventures - all while educating and inspiring their followers and blog readers from different walks of life. Their blog posts are not only a rich source of travel information for supported holidays which all kinds of travelers may find useful, but their lives are also a reflection of what following our heart means, despite all of the hindrances.


1. Smith’s Holiday Road

This Melbourne-based, Australian family of five documents their exciting adventures in their amusing “Smiths Holiday Road” blog. Journeying around the world with their children aged 11, who uses a wheelchair, 7 and 4, all of them share the enthusiasm for traveling. They have set foot on 15 countries and their travels were all showcased on their blog. Their posts do not only contain all of their travel escapades, but it is also a great resource of tips about travel planning, finding cheap flights, the best places to stay at, etc. The Smiths Holiday Road Blog is truly a refreshing online journal that could take all your worries away, and will help you realize that with proper planning and the motivation to just do it, you're definitely on the right track in making the best out of your family's vacation or supported holiday.


2. Curb Free With Cory Lee

Cory Lee's highly-popular wheelchair travel blog "Curb Free With Cory Lee" is a blog that bursts with a manifold of information, with a vibe that empowers not only those who are on a wheelchair or with a disability, but every type of vacationer. He chronicles his quest around the world while on a wheelchair, and tells his followers about his learning experiences while navigating through the beautiful, yet imperfect world; dealing with the least accessible places and countries, and finding beauty in them albeit the frustrations and dilemmas. His audacity to see the brighter side of life, with the mindset that “there is always a solution for every problem” says so much about his optimism. This kind of positive energy and confidence in life is expressed in his blog. Motivating and enjoyable to read are just some of the few words to describe Cory's blog.


3. Ed Rex of "Rexy Edventures"

If you are a budget traveler, or simply someone who wants to get pumped up with all the inspiration and hope, then you will find the drive that you are looking for on Ed Rex's travel blog “RexyEdventures”. Ed was born profoundly deaf, but it didn't stop him from living his life intrepidly - just the way he wanted! He had his Cochlear Implant operation, left his corporate job in 2011 and has been traveling around the world ever since. Deaf travelers, vacationers with a disability, and regular holidaymakers will surely find his blog informative and fun. His blog is also known as the "Adventures of a Deaf and Handsome Luxury Backpacker Travelling the Unexpected.’, which is also where you can gain valuable insights on how to enjoy the luxuries, without spending too much. If you lean towards a ‘luxury budget travel', then this blog's for you!


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4. Glenda Watson Hyatt of "Do It Myself"

Glenda Watson Hyatt was born with cerebral palsy, but this Canadian blogger had a strong resolve to fulfill her dreams and aspirations in life, and she was able to succeed! She tells her life story and travel journey on her blog entitled “Do It Myself”, typing using only her left thumb. Her enlivening blog is an instrument to empower everyone, whether you have a disability or not, to give your best in achieving your goals no matter how hard it is. Trying to be independent and proving to everyone that a disability should never be a barrier to live a fuller life. Her Bachelor of Arts degree and her numerous academic awards under her belt prove that anyone can surpass life's hurdles, so long as they remain focused and dedicated. Her book “I’ll Do It Myself” is also a fantastic source of travel tips, and precious advice from an avid traveler.


5. Emma Muldoon of "Simply Emma"

Emma Mouldoon is a lovely Scottish travel blogger who has LGMD or Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, and is currently living her passion of a life full of travels - a life which most of us can only dream of. Her travel blog "Simply Emma" is a fountain of travel information about accessibility; abundant with practical travel tips and recommended attractions for holidaymakers with a disability, and overflowing with practical information about the must-see destinations around the world. Her posts with her useful wheelchair access reviews and blogs, like the wheelchair accessible things to do in the world's top vacation spots, as well as the plethora of wheelchair accessible travel spots recommendations are incredibly helpful for travelers with a disability, wheelchair travelers, and their families and friends. Thanks to Simply Emma, disabled travel planning and ample preparation for our supported holidays have never been this straightforward and exciting.


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These travel bloggers have proven that their passion for life makes any disability or adversity invisible, making these amazing people almost invincible. Indeed,we discover that there's more to life than the confines of our homes, there's a lot to explore; and in the process of unveiling the Earth's beauty, we eventually learn more about ourselves, ascertaining our strengths and abilities, and realizing that we are actually capable of improving our lives. That there is so much that we can achieve if we remain positive, resilient, brave and bold, having utmost faith that there's always a solution to every difficulty, and always seeing the glass as half full. Life is beautiful. Go live! 



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