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Celebrating the International Day of People with Disability this 2016

Written by: Iris

Celebrating the International Day of People with Disability this 2016 post image

“Achieving 17 Goals for the Future We Want” is this year’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities theme. Being celebrated annually, the whole world observed this special day by focusing on the said theme and concentrating on how we are able to utilize the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in making our world more inclusive, as well as more equitable for persons with disabilities, honoring and acknowledging their abilities and gifts, and determining the barriers and difficulties in order to solve them. By being able to accomplish this, we can therefore remove different kinds of barriers, enabling the people with a disability to succeed in achieving a higher quality of life.


The General Assembly has declared the 3rd of December as the International Day of People with Disability and since then, many organizations hold events and activities to discuss the theme and to tackle the various ways on how to achieve the said goals. Groups which belong to both public and private sectors organize activities to promote advocacies in improving the lives of the people with disabilities. These events – be it huge campaigns run by large organizations or small projects done locally, are both essential and effective ways in increasing awareness about their real situation and plight. A variety of activities will benefit them, enhancing the environment that they are in, improving their access to ICT or Information and Communications Technology, as well as to come up with ways and ideas on how to deal with other attitudinal hindrances. Events like this keep everyone informed, allow everybody to celebrate the talents and abilities of people with disability contributed to the society, and will also aid them to become conscious of their needs so as to enhance their life conditions and promote equality among them. This way, we are able to support them in bringing out the best in them, deepening our encouragement in order to provide them with the right tools and enough motivation for them to succeed.


There are several ways the countries all over the world celebrate the International Day of People With Disability this 2016.  Fund-raising drives are carried out to benefit the persons with a disability. Breakfast, lunch, dinners or barbecue parties are also held to celebrate inclusion and to discuss ways on how to we could help them achieve a fuller life and let them enjoy the opportunities available in the neighborhood. Recognizing their contributions to our society by giving out awards is also performed. Games are also a good way to boost health and wellness, and to develop socialization, while celebrating this spirited occasion. Concerts or art exhibits, whether organized by the people with disabilities themselves or managed for them, are a wonderful approach in expressing creativity during this global observance. Programs such as these are great activities to showcase their talents and also highly motivating in presenting  them with more opportunities, letting them feel that their contributions are appreciated and truly valued.



Image Source: jill111 / 670 images via Pixabay under the CC0 Public Domain.



The International Day of People With Disability is a commemoration that serves as a platform in not only increasing the awareness on how to value the rights of the persons with a disability, but it is also one of the perfect ways to identify their needs, while helping them know their rights as well. This way, we can help one another in breaking the barriers present and ensuring that no one gets left behind. No matter how challenging this seems to be, with our joint efforts, we are bound to make our world a better place for all of us, providing more opportunities for our brothers and sisters with a disability to function normally, protecting their welfare from discrimination with much more improved conditions and offering the right opportunities to make them achieve their dreams and goals in life. Let us ensure that everybody gets the chance to attain a fuller light by remembering the International Day of Persons with Disabilities theme, our aims and duties, and to try our best to give a positive involvement in making our world more inclusive and fair.



*PRIMARY IMAGE SOURCE: PublicDomainPictures / 18043 images via Pixabay under the CC0 Public Domain.