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ClubMates Travel and Sunshine Holidays Making Supported Travel More Powerful than Ever

Written by: Iris

ClubMates Travel and Sunshine Holidays Making Supported Travel More Powerful than Ever post image

This 2016 is a truly blessed year for ClubMates Travel. Known as a global company and a leading name in the supported disability travel industry that has been operating for almost 28 years, ClubMates Travel is proud to announce its recent merger with Sunshine Holidays!


Sunshine Holidays is an established tour operator that provides supported holidays which centre on travels and opportunities that encourage people who require support to participate in socially inclusive activities and events, since 2001. ClubMates Travel and Sunshine Holidays are proud of their healthy core values that have backed their years of experience, with the utmost commitment in giving only the best care and educational experiences possible. The merger of the two prime figures in the field of supported travel will make each other’s vow to exceptional care and service even stronger, reinforcing the vision and mission of each company, and enhancing their travel offerings even further.


ClubMates Travel and Sunshine Holidays will remain driven in sticking to their commitment and traditions, and the latest partnership of the two will mean exceeding their passengers' expectations, and transcending beyond the current level of service and care that they provide. Customers will look forward to a more effective and intensified approach towards quality care in the tours that they offer. This signifies more fantastic holidays to offer, resulting to richer and meaningful experiences for holidaymakers with a disability.


The recent merger also results to more variety in the ClubMates Travel staff. ClubMates Travel already takes pride in its fully integrated, diverse workforce with qualified, experienced and well-trained staff, and they are happy to have taken some of Sunshine Holidays' highly-skilled staff and expert carers too because they are very good at what they do. This development is surely beneficial in cementing ClubMates Travel's strong core values, thus making their customers happier and more satisfied!


ClubMates Travel and Sunshine Holidays are both strengthened by their extensive years of experience and knowledge that made them a top travel booking company and tour operator, catering for a much wider range of disability support. The newly created relationship will still reflect their existing travel commitment and values which have kept their customers and passengers entrusting them with repeated bookings and holidays, yet this merger also promises both ClubMates Travel and Sunshine Holidays passengers a more effectual and truly advantageous service towards their existing customers, enabling them to build a more satisfied clientele, therefore raising the bar for the travel and supported holiday industry.


Company CEO, Peter Negri, believes that 'everyone should be treated with respect and dignity.' This simple principle is the driving force of ClubMates Travel. The recent collaboration allows both companies to grow, paving the way for a more efficient staffing and the creation of more, outstanding holiday packages and impressive travel destinations. ClubMates Travel has always been motivated by its passion to provide a respectful, fair and nurturing care, and ensuring its passengers a safe and fun holiday, packed with plenty of travel experiences that allow them to learn new life skills therefore achieving more learning experiences. ClubMates Travel will never stop in further enhancing the level of service that they provide to their loyal customers and future clients. After all, no matter how big or successful a company is, there's always room for improvement.