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Couple with Down Syndrome on Their Way to Happily Ever After

Written by: Iris

Couple with Down Syndrome on Their Way to Happily Ever After post image


You will never really know as to when and where inspiration touches you. Captivating photos, a melodiously, ambient music, a wondrous sight, a thoughtful gesture – if you could simply open your eyes, it's everywhere! And there’s this moment when you just realize that you feel like crying. Like there’s a lump in your throat, while tears fall down your pretty cheeks without even noticing it. Getting sentimental, nostalgic, and all that. Then memories, contemplations and realizations set in…


But most of what truly inspire us are actually stories from real people. A seemingly common life for them may become a great source of inspiration for us.


Hearing love stories make us fall in love over and over again. They fascinate us, constantly holding our interest. Those with troubled hearts see them as a light of hope. Couples who are going through a tough time may look at them as a basis of motivation and strength. Married men and women, or those who are in a committed relationship, use those stirring love stories as a guide, in achieving true happiness with their partners, even if there’s a multitude of setbacks.


The inspirational love story of this young couple in Australia is just one of those amazing real-life fairy tales that enliven each one of us to simply have faith, in a sometimes cruel world that we live in. Achieving a portion of heaven and a slice of paradise is certainly possible for anyone who has an unwavering trust towards love, and it can surely happen in our existence.


The 16th Gold Coast Debutante Ball for Disability is already a special debutante gathering organized for young men and women with a disability, which took place in Australia's Gold Coast, and Taylor Anderton and Michael Cox made this celebration even more unforgettable with the other 18 debutantes, with their powerful love story that definitely transcends boundaries, differences and challenges.


PHOTO FROM ABC NEWS: Michael proposed to Taylor last year while holidaying in the US. (ABC News: Tom Forbes)


Born with Down Syndrome, Taylor Anderton, 20, and Michael Cox, 24, have actually found true love in each other's arms. What's so special about their wistful tale of enchantment is that they already knew who they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Inspiring each other to be the best that they ought to be. Indeed, these lovebirds are so fortunate for having found their destiny – something that might have taken others a lifetime in discovering their soul-mate or their one true love!


 Source: screengrab from ABC News


Knowing each other for about six years already, Taylor and Michael have gone steady as an engaged couple last year, when Michael proposed to Taylor on a holiday in the United States. The two met at a swimming carnival six years ago, and Cupid has been shooting his arrows with those charming heart-shaped tips, towards this lovely young couple ever since!


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Michael was elegantly dashing, and Taylor looked like a princess on that wonderful gala. The soon-to-be husband and wife danced and partied the night away, with their supportive families present, alongside the other young participants who were also having fun during the said unforgettable social event.


Anna-Louise Kassulke, the event's organiser, said that the event began in the 1980s and it was a night when the young women could shine.        


"This opportunity is about our young people with disabilities having that opportunity to be part of a broader community," Anna-Louise told the ABC.    


Taylor and Michael's parents are very happy and cooperative towards their upcoming wedding. Albeit with difficulties, their families are positive enough and are more than willing to provide support for the engaged couple.


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Heartwarming stories like this embolden us to simply do something good towards others. Supporting our loved ones, and respecting the choices of others. Giving our love, and backing up our loved ones is like hitting two birds with one stone - we will never know that while we strengthen and support our loved ones, we are also empowered in doing so.


"I would move heaven and earth just to see her smile" - Michael Cox


If only we are directed by this aim of keeping our loved ones happy, we are definitely on our way towards transforming our world into a much more beautiful, and delightful place. Having our loved one's happiness give us so much joy is the true paramount of unconditional love.


The same thing goes towards giving respect, appreciation and dignity towards our fellowmen, regardless of their disability, cultural background, religion, status or sexual orientation. Holding events like the 16th Gold Coast Debutante Ball for Disability promotes confidence and brings hope not just to the participants with a disability, but to their families as well. We should start becoming a part of more events like this that instigate equality and inclusion, and in our small ways, become instrumental in helping our fellowmen reach for their dreams, and achieve true happiness.                                     


Image Source: Screengrab from Australia Plus YouTube Video


“These kids are far more able than we believe and understand, and the more we can step back and just be supportive in the background, the better and bigger and stronger they become.” – Simon Cox, Michael’s father.


Best wishes to Michael and Taylor!



**PRIMARY IMAGE: PHOTO FROM ABC NEWS: Michael proposed to Taylor last year while holidaying in the US. (ABC News: Tom Forbes)