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How Traveling Transforms You Into a Better Person

Written by: Iris

How Traveling Transforms You Into a Better Person post image

Have you experienced getting so enthused and inspired by a quick encounter with the nature around you? Like how a relaxing, albeit short, train ride gives your spirit that much needed boost to keep you going? Gazing on the rays of the sun, like a glaring medallion—inviting its radiance to seep through your bedroom window to uplift you? That moment when you were having a bad day at work and then stumbling upon an image of a delightful pooch has made you say your aww’s – and all the while, it seemed that you can go through the day with full of positivity?


The simple things around us that have the potential to give us so much joy often go unnoticed. Sometimes, we forget to relish in the natural beauty emblazoned in our surroundings, missing the fascinating wonders of the world that we live in. Consequently, we fail to recognize the beauty of our environment and we lose the opportunity to benefit from them.


Curiosity is a quality that is innate within us as human beings. The drive to move and explore is always present, and it is somewhat instinctive for us to express our desire to discover. We get super amazed by the impeccable sight of the sea. The music from the lapping of the waves makes us forget all the uncertainties in life. The gripping views of the mountains cascading beneath the sunshine take our breath away. The bucolic feel from the rustic structures gives us a sense of nostalgia. Seeing the pillars of the world’s most legendary buildings and museums give us that feeling of fascination and pure joy, forming a deep connection to history.


The love to travel may be ingrained deep in us. Unknowingly, we develop a bond to our environment in the most unexpected ways. Every moment that we see a magical view and each time we witness the effortless beauty of a place grips us, holds us; transporting us to so many places and even drifts us to the unchartered waters of ourselves. It is as if those places speak to us.  Calling us to listen to our 'calling'  - to wander.



Traveling is cathartic. It brings you to a world that bursts with incalculable possibilities.  The benefits from a supported holiday bring about endless opportunities. The learning gained by each traveler varies, but the experience is enriching to everyone who travels, nonetheless.


Here are 5 good reasons why traveling is good for you:


1. It boosts your productivity.

If your work or current engagements are burning you out and it is obvious that there is a lack of motivation, going on a retreat and taking a holiday will surely recharge you to regain your lost drive and enthusiasm. This will improve your productivity, optimize your competence and will definitely help you accomplish your goals - instead of quitting and ending the tasks that you have begun enthusiastically.


2. It improves your physical fitness.

An adventure is incredibly exciting - and the physical activity that is involved with it is guaranteed to develop your fitness levels. Swimming, fishing, trekking, horseback riding, and even the mere sightseeing while you brisk walk can remarkably improve your blood circulation and flexibility.


3. It keeps you inspired.

Being in a new place is like wearing a new shirt or wrapping yourself with the scent of a freshly-pressed blanket. It refreshes you and keeps you inspired. Exploring various destinations and learning new ideas are bound to take you to a new mindset. Many people have realized their life-changing decisions and discovered their true passions while traveling. With the myriad of learning experiences, you can then find the inspiration that you can use in pouring your heart and soul to your craft.


4. It gives you confidence.

Getting out of your comfort zone and overcoming your fears and doubts while traveling is a form of accomplishment that could increase your self confidence. Trying a new activity - like diving in Cairns or climbing the iconic Sky Tower in Auckland can strengthen your self-assurance and faith in yourself, which can pave the way for more opportunities and new principles gained.


5. It unlocks your potentials.

Traveling alters your perceptions in life. The people you have met, the learnings that you have gained, the new things that you have discovered, the pleasant experiences, as well as the unfortunate events which you have encountered can hugely affect how you view life. You become open-minded and you are then able to fully maximise your physical, emotional and cognitive aspects.  You become smarter, more adaptable, resilient, respectful of others, and you become more appreciative of what you have.


So book your next journey now. You have nothing to lose but more to gain when you explore and uncover the beauty and charm that our world has to offer. Allow ClubMates Travel to organize the best supported holiday for you, in the most hassle-free way! Our tours are meticulously arranged and carefully crafted to suit everyone's needs and requirements, so you can soak up in a fun-filled holiday while reveling in the multitude of goodness brought about by traveling, and fully enjoy the benefits from a supported holiday!