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The Benefits of the NDIS

Written by: Iris

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme or NDIS was born to respond to the high demand for disability assistance in the areas of healthcare. The program enables Australians with a disability, their families, and their carers to gain access to services and assistance that's available for all Australians. Taking baby steps back in 2012 and commencing gradually throughout Australia, the NDIS was finally launched nationally in 2016, allowing all Australians with a disability to fully enjoy the benefits of the NDIS' features.


According to the Social Care Foundation Australia, there are about 460,000 Australians with a disability. Imagine how the NDIS funding and support are utilized to improve their lives, paving the way to plenty of opportunities for them to have a good, quality life. It is therefore tremendously life-changing.


Many NDIS beneficiaries provide a positive feedback about this scheme. But as with any programs initiated by the government, certain flaws may be present and areas for improvement can also be seen. It is comforting to know that the NDIS facilitators are working very hard to improve its plans and services. This is ultimately a positive news for all Australians with a disability, and a promising development for them to be guaranteed of a national system that provides them with enough healthcare support. The NDIS constantly tracks and measures the progress, and benchmarks using the program's goals through results and feedback. This shows that the NDIS is highly committed and is participant-centred, always protecting the welfare of Australians with a disability and their families and carers, and ensuring that adequate support is always given.


Bruce Bonyhady, the former NDIS Chairman, said that "the NDIS will improve the lives of 460,000 Australians and their families". And it looks like the agency's goals are already coming into fruition. Their progress reports reflected the satisfaction among the scheme's participants over the past few years, showing positive ratings and feedback. It is also forecasted that the Australian government may likely "double" the funding for disability services. This is absolutely a great news, and definitely a positive outcome brought about by the NDIS.


With the NDIS, the person with a disability will be assessed and enjoy a funding to cover them for various types of support that they need. They will then gain a sense of independence, be able to participate in the community, and enjoy inclusion. They're also given an option to choose their support worker. People with a disability and their families are provided with financial assistance and support. The NDIS helps in lessening the expenses, medical costs and any other inconveniences.


With a wide range of healthcare benefits, they can improve their well-being to enjoy employment opportunities, so they can maximise their capabilities. They may also be able to contribute towards the society, and reach their life goals. They will benefit from many health and safety support options so they could maintain a comfortable standard of living. Accessibility to ICT (information & communications technology) may also be enhanced through this program, to improve the carers’ efficiency in supporting their clients with a disability, providing them with a sense of freedom and self-determination. All these boost their self-sufficiency and confidence, as they know that they are being heard and that their welfare is taken care of.


It is just right to say that the NDIS is formed with the equality of opportunity, respect and inclusion in mind. The support given by the government through this system is already a great form of motivation - it is truly strengthening to know that the rights of our fellow humans with a disability are recognized, and their contributions to the society are appreciated and valued. Indeed, it is not just simply a "funding", but we will never know as to where the benefits and assistance from the NDIS could take them. We cannot measure the extent of the advantages from this scheme. Backed with adequate support and inspiration, our families, friends and fellows with a disability will surely soar high.



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