The Best Australian Music Holidays

Moms adorably hum to their unborn babies. Kids develop their language skills singing the language-stimulating nursery rhymes. Students are able to improve their study habits and memory while listening to their favorite songs. Adults who seem to be overwhelmed by the multitude of life duties get de-stressed by their most wanted playlists. People who are going through tough times find music cathartic- a refuge in moments of difficulty. Those who have found fascination in forming musical librettos and creating melodies are deemed fortunate, making a living out of something they are truly passionate of. Music affects everyone from different walks of life, regardless of background, age and gender. They are soothed by the carefully crafted and shaped melodies, while other pieces pique the interests of some listeners, making them critique and arguably express what they have in mind. Regardless of the hows and whys music could influence and at times, disturb us, it’s clear, music is an integral part of our lives. And just like how we get spellbound by the glittering surface of the sea and its mysterious depths, the sweet and breezy pecks of the wind on our skin, and the heavenly taste of that mouthwatering and syrupy Molten Chocolate Cake, we can never deny the fact that indifference to music is impossible.   

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How People with Hearing Impairment Enjoy Music

This also applies to people with hearing impairment. Some of us may initially think that music does not exist to them. It does, and just like how the interests of hearing persons vary, they react to music and appreciate it in a different but special way. They may not actually hear the exact melodies, the lyrics and the tunes, but they mainly express joy in music through the sense of touch. Feeling the vibrations first and sensing the harmonies, they get to take pleasure in it just like everyone else. Music is equally invigorating to them, making them sing, tap their hands and dance to the beat!  The loud music and rhythm bounce to their bodies, allowing them to have an amazing musical experience. Aah, what an incredbile way of creating a genuinely deep and soulful connection! They are also able to embrace the beauty of music lyrically, understanding the words and finding their life’s meaning, and recognizing the different aspects of life itself on the heartfelt lexis that make up a song.  Just like Beethoven, there are talented people with hearing impairment, who became musicians, song-writers and singers, who have undeniably created a huge contribution to the music industry.

The Very Best Musical Holidays

A musically-infused trip is an amazing adventure for all and sundry! Aside from the relaxing and exhilarating benefits that a musical trip provides, these holidays provide an unforgettably therapeutic experience of exploring the picturesque regions of Australia, while enjoying the diverse variety of music! With the well-thought out itineraries and carefully arranged programs for supported holidays, everyone will definitely have a good time belting out, flouncing and prancing!


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Prepare your cowboy boots in Horsham!    

This Horsham trip is soaked in musical entertainment! Get to dance your way to the beat of country music at the Horsham Sound Shell and brace yourself with more country music at the Warracknabeal before calling it a day. Then prior to your trip back to Melbourne, you’d visit the Center of Horsham, where you would get a taste of some more cheery country music.


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Image Source: Lovano-Scofield-Wangaratta by Boogaloo thru Wikimedia Commons released into the Public Domain.

Swing to the jazz and blues the Wangaratta way!

Indulge with those saxophones, trombones and upbeat cadence providing heaps of Jazz music at the Wangaratta Jazz festival! Step onto St. Patrick’s Hall and see the National Jazz Awards. Get soothed while listening to rhythm and blues by the Ovens River, as well as at the Holy Trinity Cathedral. Whether you love funk, blues and reggae, or you’re in for the different genres of jazz,  the biggest annual event in Wangaratta will provide you with elating memories, guaranteed to put a smile on your face, in the years to come.


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A chockfull of tuneful and cultural revelry!

If you’re leaning towards a truly unique musical getaway, the “Gateway to the Reef” holiday will definitely grant that desire. It’s here where you’d get to enjoy Australia’s amazing wildlife, breathtaking waters and natural beauty, before heading towards a one-of-a-kind musical and cultural encounter at the Tjapukai Cultural Experience. With the myriad of activities like didgeridoo playing, boomerang throwing and lots of singing and dancing, it’s not surprising why the Tjapukai Cultural Experience is considered as one of Cairns’ finest Aboriginal shows.                            

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