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Clubmates Travel is a Global leader in fully supported holidays and vacations for people with a disability.

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The Hushed Allure of Luxury Coach Travel

Have you ever uncovered paradise by mere beholding? Although it is highly suggested to explore, seek the thrills and take pleasure in adventure, there are times where we discover more to life just by being at ease- by simply perceiving and internalizing. One of the activities where you wil...
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Have a Week-Long Easter Getaway in SA!

Christmas is fast approaching- and so is Easter! We may feel like it’s too far down the road but you’ll be surprised that it’s actually happening in six months’ time, so this is the perfect moment to plan for your Easter holiday! Preparing and organizing the elements of your...
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Successful People with Disabilities

Life is extremely beautiful. Its splendor lies on tons of ambiguities. There are moments in our lives when we are wonderfully ecstatic, but there are also those painful times that bring us to tears and misery. Indeed, our existence is full of these bittersweet elements, but it is just the perfect...
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Get Uplifted by Olympic Weightlifter Jonathan Stoklosa’s Story


If you're feeling too tired to hit the gym or thinking of procrastinating again on what’s perennially written on your resolution list,...
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Clubmates Travel

Providing Local, National & Worldwide Supported Travel

Clubmates Travel is the world's leading name in international supported holidays for people with a disability, trusted by passengers for over 26 years. At Clubmates we cater for anyone with a disability by providing them with the holiday they have always dreamed of.

We aim to deliver in three simple steps:

  • We listen. (What kind of holiday are you looking for?)
  • We assess. (What kind of support is needed to make that holiday happen?)
  • We support you on the holiday of a lifetime! (Our crew members support you from check-in to check-out).

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Clubmates has set sail

In an effort to take Clubmates Travel to the next level, ClubMates Cruising was born. The vision was to bring everything that is great and unique about ClubMates, and take it on to the ocean and across the globe.

You will feel the ClubMates spirit in each and every voyage. Whether you're a first time cruiser or someone who needs a helping hand on your holiday, we have the perfect cruise for you.

We are bringing you exciting destinations like The Carribean, The Bahamas, Alaska, The USA, Mexico. No Matter where the holiday is, we will make it happen.

So if you are ready for the holiday of a lifetime, visit the website now!