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Some of the Most Audacious Thrill-Seekers with Disabilities

When boldness strikes, it allows you to do the things you’ve never imagined you’ll ever embark upon. It’ll take you to places you’ve never been to. It lets you discover a hundred things about yourself, and the challenges that you’re capable of surmounting. Being adventurous could transform you into a better person that you can be, pushing yourself to the limits and owning that three winks. Those are the seconds where you just let loose, forgetting everything and allowing that specific point to be your world- without thinking of the past and not even minding about the future. Just breathing and living for the moment. Truly, a life-changing experience.

1) Sky Diving

Image Source: skeeze thru Pixabay and can be reused under the CC BY license.

Jumping off from an aircraft may be terrifying, but those who have actually tried sky diving found an elating time up in the air! You’d forget how frightened you were before taking the plunge. The strong winds may be deafening, but you’ll actually realize that the view from the top is such an incredible sight to behold. It’s like all your worries are getting stripped off and all you can do is to appreciate how spectacular life is. 

2) Paragliding

Image Source: graur razvan ionut thru FreeDigitalPhotos

Feel the delicate chilliness and the deep kisses of the wind as you fly smoothly over the picturesque valleys, with the azure sky watching over you! First timers are able to experience a flight with an instructor called a “tandem skydive”, while repeat participants enjoy having solo flights. This is an incredibly rousing activity for both beginners and paragliding enthusiasts.

3) Rock Climbing

Image Source: cegoh thru Pixabay and can be reused under the CC BY license.

This is Sianagh Gallagher. She’s the only person who has climbed heights of about 100 ft with only one arm. She is ranked 4th among the paraclimbers in the entire Europe. Rock climbing is not only fun and invigorating, but it also improves physical condition, toning your muscles and improving your cardiovascular health. The experience and satisfaction may also give you the strength to face the paths that you’d cross along the mountains that you’ll climb in your life, figuratively! 

4) Wheelchair bungee-jump

Bungee-jumping is an exceptionally bracing activity that’ll leave you asking for more! Overcome your fear of heights while getting all your life-stresses being wiped out by the picturesque view that serves as a witness to your willpower and courage. The initial fear, the stimulating moment, and the laughter afterwards are sure to create lasting memories.

5) Kite-Surfing

Image Source: Stuart Miles thru FreeDigitalPhotos

Kite-surfing is an extremely satisfying adventure! Just imagine getting in and out of the water and flying over the sea! If you want to get the best of both worlds then this is definitely the right activity for you. Not only does it improve you physically, but it strengthens your immune system, as the experience itself removes all the worries and anxieties that you have.

Conquering one’s fear results to a different kind of accomplishment, and a daring adventure provides an improved quality of life for people with disabilities. As with any type of hardcore activity, ensure that everything’s done properly to make the most of your experience. It’s best to pick a certified school or facility that offers these types of venture in a professional and safe manner. Listen to your instructor and grasp his coaching and instructions. Always ask when in doubt, then prepare yourself to seize the moment!

So set aside all your worries, and be empowered by being extraordinary! Traverse the globe and find the best vacation that offers an exhilarating and rewarding experience for you only at Clubmates Travel! Unearth your potential, while exploring the splendor of the world!   

*Primary Image Source: 20071013_027 via photopin (license) 

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